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Apr 9, 2012 01:21 PM

Asian or dessert food trucks in Santa Rosa and environs

I'm looking to find an Asian food truck and a dessert food truck to cater my wedding over labor day weekend. The wedding is in Santa Rosa. I started my search in SF but thought I should include trucks up north (lower gas cost and no license issues operating in Santa Rosa).

I'm having some trouble finding trucks. I've only found Sift cupcakes so haven't been very successful!

Any Chowhounders have suggestions? I know Asian is a broad category; Chinese or Singaporean/Southeast Asian would be best (I'm Chinese and spent time in Singapore), but I an open to anything (I've already asked chairman bao and little green cyclo in SF).

Thanks much in advance!

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  1. congratulations, Cecilia........there is a regular food truck, between Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen, that isn't marked but I feel it is a taco truck. I'll check next time I pass by and will report if they have a line on anything Asian. On SW side of Santa Rosa, along Sebastopol Road there are more than a few trucks, but all seem to be latin food. I'll ask at Simply Vietnam about Asian trucks, will let you know if anything develops.

    1. Dim Sum Charlie is based in Napa, but has been serving at a few Sonoma County wineries. Haven't had a chance to try it, yet, but here's more info.

      Malaysia Mei is not a truck, but has a full set-up for selling at farmers markets and fairs. My report is not that favorable for her banh mi, but I would check her out for a catering gig where she didn't need to dumb down the flavor to appeal to non-Asians.

      And this is old, but Ann Lovejoy of Singapore Food of Love and Joy in Novato used to sell at the Santa Rosa farmers market. Haven't seen her there recently but might be worth a call. 415-488-7878.

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        i consider dim sum charlie "white food". doubt any asians would eat it even if was free.

        "me no love charlie dim sum long time"