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Apr 9, 2012 01:19 PM

SCALLOPS - How to find a simple recipe

I'm simply at a loss as to where to begin looking:

In my computer cooking files

On Chowhound

On the internet


EatYourBooks (561 scallop recipes come up)

What to do - what to do!

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  1. Buy DRY scallops. Season with salt and pepper. Melt some butter and a bit of oil (so butter doesn't burn) in skillet. Get very hot. Sear scallops till a good crust on one side. Flip for just a few seconds on other side. Serve.

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      Read this. Once you click on the link you'll have to register, but it's free to view the recipe and read all you need to know as a home cook about buying and cooking sea scallops.

      Mr Taster

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        This is the way I usually cook scallops, butter and oil, very hot, nice crust. Thanks, sbp.

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          That and don't move them or peak until it is time to turn them.

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            That is similar to the one I us (and many others)I got the bay scallop recipe from Locke-Ober in Boston about 40 years ago. Season and brown in oil, remove to towel for draining. Melt butter, some garlic, add lemon and some sherry. POur it over the scallops That's about it.

          2. Scallops are versatile and perfect for simple and quick cooking. There are a few sizes of scallops, though. Differnt cooking methods needed for each. Which do you have on hand?

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              The scallops I usually use are bought at Costco - a New Bedford wild caught 8-10 per lb. They are in the frozen department. As far as I can tell, they have been 'dry.' (I can tell dry from wet.)

              Sometimes I cook them after thawing; I have even cooked them without completely thawing; it seems to make not much difference, whether I put them in a hot skillet on top of the stove or in a skillet into the oven.

              I thought perhaps I'd just do something a little different, but still simple. But I'm at a loss - except perhaps a little lime and cilantro added. With 561 recipes in my books, I am hoping to find something - as the Japanese might say - SO SIMPLE.

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                Scallops sauteed then put a little tangerine juice and peel, a small knob of butter, a splash of white wine in the pan while scallops stay warm on a plate... reduce to a glaze; serve over lentils cooked with a bit of shallot. Kiss the plate with a splooge of balsamic glaze after you top warm lentils with scallops. delicious!

            2. A scallop recipe that I love:

              I also love them with/in a seafood risotto

              1. As others have said, a very hot pan and make sure not to overcook them. I often cook them for little more than a minute per side. Most importantly, make sure your scallops are as fresh as possible. They will be sweet and wonderful.

                1. Amen on dry scallops and hot cooking surface. Try a few drops of miso and lime with a pat of butter on the cooking surface and drop the scallop on it. Leave until crust forms and repeat on flip side.

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                    Great simple scallop recipe. Thank YOU.