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Apr 9, 2012 01:06 PM

Italian Pork Store Bella Italia in Spotswood/Monroe

I'm not sure if I handled this right. I purchased beef and sausage and other goodies for Easter. I cooked, how I always cook my Sunday sauce with the sausage I purchased at this pork store. When it was time to eat, we all thought the sausage way really salty, where you couldn't eat it. I called the store this morning and the woman told me it's was the person who made it's call, on what to do. So I packed it and brought the sausage back to the pork store. He told me, he's been making sausage since he was a small child, ok, that's a good thing. Now, my problem, he told me since I was the only one who complained, that the woman would take my number to see if anyone else complained. So, I told them I knew what that meant, that they would not do a thing. So I'm writing on this board, I guess just to vent. I will never go there again. To me that was bad business. If you eat in a restaurant, and you complain about a meal, do you have to wait till someone else complains before they offer you a substituion.

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  1. I agree with you Just a taste 100%. Why would'nt they just give you your money back? You were not pleased and who would really go through the trouble of bringing back sausage or even making a call regarding the quality of the product if there was nothing wrong with it?

    I feel they are making a very poor business decision by not refunding the money. Like they can't give you back your $ 20, $ 40, or whatever back to make you come again?

    Terrible, and you are right, NEVER go back!

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      I just simply didn't like the attitude of the employees at all. When I moved around there I read about them in the paper so I needed to try it. You stand at the counter and they don't acknowledge you at all, then you get a "yea". You get your food then the checkout people couldn't care less about being there, nevermind care about you. To boot, the food was ok, not great. Tried a sandwich, chicken francese, pasta in vodka sauce, etc., and it wasn't all that. We went a few times, but always got the NY attitude (sorry to the NY'ers reading this). There are plenty of good Italian places in that area, find another one soon! They lost my business.

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        This place used to have good fresh mozzerella but now its hit and miss. Its close so I go there and the bread is decent when avsilsble.

        I've had the same experiences there with some of the staff. No smiles or thank you's. Other times they are nice.

        Saying wait till others chime in on the sausage is an outrage. I work with a solid customer service department and can't resist lecturing people like that on how its done. I rarely do it buut alwsys eith a smile. It usually prompts a visit from the manager, a big I'm sorry and refund or comp. And I'm always sure to come back in again and let them know they've kept my business.

      2. Kind of surprised to hear that. My experience there was always good and IMHOone of the better pork stores in the area for my meats for Sunday sauce. A little out of the way for me so we tend to goto livotti's. Not sure who you spoke too, but the older gray haired man who I believe was an owner was always professional and helpful. Unacceptable to say the least.

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          I was surprised also with the way they handled it. i just left the food that i dragged there on the counter and walked out. It doesn't take much to lose a good customer. I use to buy my sausage and other things there, buy I've been going to Curluccio's on Route 9 in Marlboro, they have the best chicken patties. I was just near there the day before, so I was lazy to go back, that's why I went to Bella Italia. Next time I won't be lazy. Is livotti's in Matawan, if so, that's a little far for me, but I go to Abate Bakery. I could always make another stop if that pork store is really good.

          1. re: JUST A TASTE

            Livotti's is in Matawan. I think the service at Carluccio's is horrific, but you can't beat $1.99 a lb chicken cutlets.