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Apr 9, 2012 12:56 PM

Hip hop soundtrack with gluten free options.

Just throwing this out there, if anyone knows of a good place, bar or restaurant, with a hip hop soundtrack and if there is food, some gluten free options. Can you tell I’m taking a Brooklyn girl (in denial of her hipster status) out for her birthday this weekend? Manhattan or Brooklyn is fine, quality is a must, prices can be on the high end (drinks no more than $17) But we're not picky or tied to places with recognizable names.

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  1. Miss LIly's and Melvin's juice bar on houston st and sullivan. Carribean/jamaican. that;s your best bet I think. Food is good. They don't serve gluten free per se. But there isn't any gluten in curry goat and most of the other dishes.

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    1. Parm is super hip, has a GREAT hip hop soundtrack (more 80s/retro and a lot of the original songs artists sample from -- apparently Jay-Z is a fan), but not a ton of gluten free options. Maybe not appropriate for a birthday dinner, but perhaps a drink afterwards, later on in the evening.