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Apr 9, 2012 12:28 PM

Zucchini flowers?

I had zucchini flowers while on vacation in France and loved them, but I can't find them on this side of the pond. Any ideas??

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  1. It's still a little early. When they're ready you'll be able to find them at the farmers' markets that have local producers (ie. Brickworks).

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    1. re: RYP

      That's great. Any idea what time of year approx?

      1. re: b_dub

        Totally weather-dependent but nothing will go into the ground for another month. Late June/early July probably.

    2. Befriending an Italian Grandmother should do the trick

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      1. re: Herne

        Just a few seeds in a couple of spots in your garden will produce plenty. Zucchini has to be about the easiest vegetable to grow.

      2. SLM sometimes has them out of season if your despperate otherwise just wait. I've seen them there in winter months at the fruit stand in the north east corner!

        1. Michaelangelos at woodbine and hwy 7 had them about 2-3 weeks ago (most likely imported). They also where very expensive at $2-3 EACH.

          best bet is to wait till they are in season.

          1. Once they are in season harvest wagon always has a big box or two around.