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Apr 9, 2012 12:22 PM

Black Fig Vodka

Last time I visited Boston I had an incredible cocktail with black fig vodka and prosecco. A check of the company's website showed it is available only in Mass. (but did not list specific locations). I would love to buy a couple of bottles on my next visit (this week). Has anyone seen this in a liquor store in town?

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  1. Maxwells 148 in Natick makes fig vodka and I believe they sell it at a local liquor store nearby. It's delicious. Sorry, I don't have more details about which store, but obviously if you call them, they can tell you.

    1. The fig vodka you're referring too is made in Union Square in Somerville by M.S. Walker. They use their bottom shelf vodka (they are the makers of Rubinoff, Ruble, basically all the bottom shelf and house brand names you see at the store), add a sugary fig concentrate to it, package it in a fancy bottle and sell it for $65/750ml.
      I'd suggest saving a lot of money by purchasing a 1.75L of the same crappy base vodka for $12.99 and infuse it with quality figs.

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          I believe MS Walker is a distributor, not a producer. So, I don't know if the information you just gave is correct at all. But, yes, probably better just to infuse some yerself.

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            Looks to me like BFV is hand produced & bottled at MSW from the video.

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              Walker is a distributor but they produce a bunch of bottom shelf spirits under the Allen's name.

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                Weird, because they distribute some good wine. Odd diversification choice, but I'm sure it makes money.

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              Definitely infuse some yourself. Use the cheapest Vodka you can get and macerate the fruit for a few weeks, strain through cheesecloth, and enjoy.

              You can treat almost any fruit this way and the results can be quite impressive. Experiment with some herbs and spices in the mix and the results can even be spectacular. You can add sugar or honey to it...but generally there is no need to. You really get just the right sweetness from just the fruit. If you let it sit for a few months after straining it, it's even better. I'm not sure exactly what happens during that time, but the improvement is quite evident.
              Good Stuff!!

            3. haven't tried the fig vodka but as a possible substitute you could try some Pedro Ximinez sherry (not as alcoholic as vodka but plenty of "fig-like" flavor)

              1. I enjoy it as well. You can purchase it at Gordon's Wine & Liquor, 894 Main Street, Waltham, MA, 02451. You can also purchase it through their website.