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Apr 9, 2012 11:31 AM

Bandon Restaurants from a Golfers perspective

Four of us will be traveling to Bandon Dunes later this week to play golf for four days. Anticipate that there are some interesting restaurants in Bandon apart from the golf resort. Price is not an issue. Would appreciate feedback on what are considered good fish restaurants as well as others

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  1. Just Googled "Banfdon Oregon restaurants". Apparently Alloro for Italian food is a good choice.

    1. There is a good fish and chips place on the wharf. I can't remember the name but it was blue and while and is the left hand building when looking towards the water. Not fancy but good.
      The pub at the course is my favorite. Great food, and a good atmosphere.

      1. The Wheelhouse is my favorite for good Seafood and Steaks.

        1. There are only a couple places in town that i eat at. It depends what your looking for, Alloro has the best food, Lord Bennets has great food and great view, Tony's crab shack has great seafood/ sandwiches but you order at the counter and sit outside( they do have a enclose patio). For inexpensive drinks check out the arcade(no "real" food there).