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Ocean City, MD area

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We will be staying in Ocean City from April 16 to April 20. We've been here before, and we have a couple of favorites: Fish Tales, Seacrets (they had a killer special, and the sunset was amazing.) We're leaning toward On The Bay if it's open. We also will get over to Rehoboth Beach for our Dogfish Head fix.

We have a two-year-old, but he's really well-behaved and mellow. We're looking for early dinners, lunches, and really hoping there's a breakfast place we missed in the past, since Thrasher's Fries would have been a more satisfying breakfast than the overpriced unexceptional choices we found in the morning - okay, Fractured Prune excepted, but we do try to limit our donut intake.

We're looking for a crab place, and we're going to be getting around - Ocean City, Fenwick Island, Rehoboth Beach, Assateague Island,etc.

Thanks in advance, people!

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  1. Bayside Skillet!!! They have the best crepes and omlettes in OC. All fresh fruit filled crepes and they even have a PB & j crepe for the kids(or the big kids like me). The omlettes are huge and juice is all freshly squeezed.

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      I've been there! The food was fine, but I found the prices to be a bit steep.