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Apr 9, 2012 11:26 AM

FYI-The Hamilton is no longer open 24 hours

hours are Monday - Thursday 7:30am until 1am, Friday 7:30am until 2am, Saturday 8:30am until 2am, and Sunday 8:30am until 1am. The bar remains open until 2am on weekdays and 3am on weekends.

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  1. Well that was quick! I can't say I'm surprised. The place is HUGE and I can't imagine it getting filled enough at 4am to warrant it being open 24 hours.

    1. Yeah, and Black and Orange scaled back their hours as well.

      1. No surprise to me. We had brunch there a couple months ago (food -- decent, service -- variable) and I could not figure out how they planned to bring in enough customers at 3 AM on weekdays to make keeping this massive place open 24/7 worthwhile. So my only question was not if but when, and that's been answered.

        1. It was an enviable but destined to fail concept. DC just isn't a 24 hour a day town. Besides that is what the Steak and Egg kitchen is for. . . .

          1. That is a VERY smart company running that group of restaurants. They understand volume and profit margins better than anyone. They had to know 24hrs wouldn't work. I think it was marketing, and I think it worked. tThey created a "buzz" factor that this wouldn't just be another Clydes (which in fact it really is).

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              I heard through the grapevine that the overnight staff was facing a lot of unruly customers (shocker alert). During my last visit (while still operating 24 hours), a server told me that customers had to open a credit card tab and there was a mandatory 20% tip between 3-6 AM. Apparrently, the overnight customers were being aggressive, fighting, and making a lot of messes. There was a big burden on the staff, and the need to often increase staff, during these lower profit hours.