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Apr 9, 2012 11:09 AM

Butchers that sell ground chicken and/or lamb at good price? (And also need a place to buy jamaican jerk seasoning)

Hello guys, I'm looking to make some chicken and/or lamb burgers, and my local épicerie sells ground chicken at a very high price (7$+ for a small palette). I live around the Saint-Michel area, but don't mind traveling anywhere as long as it's on the Island (don't feel like going to South-Shore or West Island etc. for meat).

Also, if anyone could tell me where I could find some good traditional (Walkerswood) Jamaican jerk seasoning, I would appreciate it greatly!

Thank you.

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  1. Can't help you on the ground chicken or lamb, I've found prices pretty much the same or close at most butcher shops. But for jerk seasoning, I went on a wild goose chase last fall trying to find it anywhere. After stopping at probably a dozen grocers, spice shops, etc I finally gave up... then found some at Zellers of all places.

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      Could you tell me which Zellers (soon to be Target) you found it at? Thanks!

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        I know you wanted to stay on-island, I found it at the Zellers on in Laval at the 13/Notre Dame. It was Mr. Gouda's brand, it you can navigate around their website, I just looked and they do have a store locations search, no guarantee they'll carry the jerk seasoning, but you might find a retailer closer to home to check out.

    2. I actually find that Jerk seasoning is quite common, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to find Walkerswood products. I got some Jerk powder from Maxi in CDN

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        Thanks, I was thinking of trying this:

        If I couldn`t find a good spice mix.

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          I don't recommend this particular product. I've tried and it is extremely hot/spicy. I marinated chicken for less than 1 hour and it was way too hot for us. I'm not exactly a chili head but I can take medium spicy food; this was too much. I couldn't taste anything else but heat. I wound up throwing out the bottle because I just couldn't make it work in any recipes. It was that overpowering and unpleasant.

      2. The most inexpensive ground lamb I've found is at Marché Adonis and they have several locations so maybe one near you? They also have it from time to time at Intermarché on Mont-Royal near Christophe-Colomb and that's a decent price. I don't love ground chicken in burgers but I did get nice ground turkey at Loblaws recently. They might also have a Jamaica jerk seasoning. Otherwise I'd try La Depense at Marché Jean-Talon.

        1. WalkersWood Jerk seasoning is found at Epicerie Shavits on Victoria St (west side) 2 blocks below Van Horne. A great little store for everything Caribbean.Including Flying Fish !

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            THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I know that place! Didn't think to look there!

          2. In any case....Charcuterie Viandal in Verdun is good. Chicken and lamb are ground to order, not prepackaged.Taste is good, low fat content, reasonable prices. 550 Ave de l'Eglise, 514-766-9906.