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Apr 9, 2012 10:52 AM

Mexican (and other) in Lowell

Hi all,
I have to take a group of French exchange students to lunch in Lowell, in the context of a tour on the city's history and immigrant groups.

I thought of ending with a lunch at a Cambodian or Laotian place, as a significant recent immigrant group -- either Simply Khmer or Phien's Kitchen -- based on recs from the board.

However, someone pointed out to me that France is full of Cambodian places, b/c of the French colonial connections to the area. They suggested looking for Mexican places, since that is something this is missing in Europe.

I did a quick search for Lowell, and only saw a quick mention that a place called Mr. Jalepeno is supposed to be good, but no recent reports with more detail. Can anyone provide a more detailed report? Or do you all have any suggestions for other good Mexican or other Central American regional places in Lowell?


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  1. Lowell has always had a reasonably large Portuguese population (and some restaurants) and thus a number of Brazilians have settled there since. Churrasco in particular would be fairly different than French food and the French were some of the first international fans of Feijaoda (although most local Brazilian restaurants serve this only on Saturdays). Oasis Grill is one that has been there forever and is nothing fancy, but its not very near the train (2mi?). If train isn't your method of transportation, its also near one of my favorite Portuguese bakeries Lowell Portuguese Bakery. Beira Rio might be something worth checking out, was running some deals on all you can eat churrasco (rodizio), but still a hike from the T and its been through 4 different names and a few owners, so hard to comment on consistency if its still open! There are also Columbian, Dominican, and Salvadoran places, but not been a regular in the area for a while (I think its also possibly discussed more on the Northern New England board).

    1. I see what you mean about bringing French students to a Cambodian place but I agree it is Lowell's best feature. I don;t recall Mexican being a strength in Lowell. It's not even called Senor Jalapeno. How about south Indian (Praya)? I don't recall Indian food being strong in France.

      1. There are two decent Mexican Rrestaurants in downtown Lowell: Mr. Jalapeno and directly across the street Mambo Grill. The menues are different. I would recommend that you check them out online.

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          "decent" being the operative word. very few mexicans up 'round heeyah. lowell does much better with southeast asian. there are also a few good portuguese spots.

          phien's kitchen changed hands recently and i have not tried yet tried it under the new owners. caveat emptor.

        2. There's not much of a Mexican community in Lowell. I've never tried Mr. Jalepeno, Mambo Grill is OK but nothing special, and I definitely wouldn't hold it up as an example of authentic Mexican cuisine. I can't think of a good tacqueria type place around there. If you want to take a drive up to Lawrence you can find some good stuff. Tacos Lupita is delicious.

          If you're into Indian, Udupi Bhavan on Middlesex St is a hidden gem that's the best Indian I've ever had anywhere. It's Southern/vegetarian style and stupidly good.

          If you're looking for really recent immigrants, there's a great new Iraqi restaurant called Babylon on Merrimack St.

          If you want some immigrant food that's been around longer, I have a soft spot for the Greek comfort food at Olympia on Market St. I'm getting hungry, it's unfortunate that every time I'm in the area I'm usually already being fed by my mother. I also wouldn't overlook the Cambodian food in Lowell because it's some of the best food you can find up there.

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            Can vouch for Babylon - had a very nice meal here a few months back.

          2. Hope it's not too late.

            Try Casa Blanca in Billerica right off exit 29.

            I haven't been around there for almost a year now. I remember pretty decent food over there and I'll definitely visit again when I'm in the area.