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Apr 9, 2012 10:36 AM

Homemade strained yogurt volume?

I'm stumped.

I made some yogurt yesterday with six cups of milk. I let it incubate, cool, and then I strained it for several hours to make it thicker. The whey that I strained off was about one and a half cups in volume at the most. The remaining yogurt didn't seem like much, so I measured it. It was only three cups.

How did one and a half cups of yogurt disappear? What am I missing here...?

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  1. I"d say you're doing pretty good. When I"ve made yogurt and strained it, I've used a half-gallon of milk. Once the half-gallon has been cultured and strained, I end up with less than 1 quart of yogurt. I've never measured the whey, so don't know how much liquid volume is "lost", but it makes sense to me the yogurt plus the whey would not be the same amount of liquid volume as the original milk, since yogurt is denser than milk. Just for fun, you might weigh the milk first, and then see if the resulting yogurt and whey equal the same weight as the original milk. My guess is that it would come much closer.