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Apr 9, 2012 10:27 AM

What size glass if serving a margarita on the rocks?

If I want to keep it in a standard shaped margarita glass (as opposed to something like a pint glass), how many ounces should it be? Looking at 12, 15.25 and 16.75 oz glasses

Sorry if it seems like a silly question, I just want to make sure the ice fits in the glass :)


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  1. Well, your margarita itself without ice should be a maximum of about 4 ounces- 1.5-2 oz of tequila depending on your recipe, and then your Cointreau and lime juice in balanced proportions.

    So depending on how much ice you're using, you can figure out the volume of the glass you'll need. I usually serve margaritas on the rocks in rocks glasses (or old fashioned glasses) of about 10 oz. I don't bother buying separate margarita glasses, so when I want to serve the margarita up in a stemmed glass, I use cocktail glasses (martini glasses), but never serve rocks in an up glass. I personally think that only drinks in non-stemmed, or rocks, glasses should have ice, because the movement and extra weight of the ice makes a stemmed glass more tippy. Also, I prefer my stemmed glasses to be small in volume (6 oz max) and can't fit much ice in that without overflowing.

    1. I agree with tinny. Serve it in your regular rocks (aka lowball aka old fashioned) glass. If you have about 3 oz of ingredients, plus another oz of melt-water, strain that into a glass with fresh cold ice, A glass that is under 8 oz is best. My glasses are 7oz and with a single King Kube ice cube, a normal-sized craft cocktail recipe fill the glass perfectly.

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