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Apr 9, 2012 10:02 AM


It appears that the last week and weekend was a time for tried and true foods, that brought families together, evoked thoughts and feeling from all of us....

Right now, my belt is a little tight, because it was an entire weekend of family, friends and company....( I do cherrish this time!)

So, as tradition has developed I normally clear out the freezer about 2 weeks before, to make room for all of the food that gets cooked in my house...and then after all of the preparing and leftovers, I am left in a twilight zone.....I just had a week of fantastic food I have guilt, ....but I love food.....

What do you all suggest?

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  1. Lower fat scalloped potatoes with ham.
    Layered thinly sliced potatoes with a dusting of white whole wheat flour, dried onion flakes, ground pepper, leftover ham, asiago cheese. Then poured a can of evaporated milk over the top, with a bit of 2% milk to top it off. It's in the oven now.

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    1. re: wyogal

      Sounds mmmm! any particular type of potato?

      1. re: PHREDDY

        Nah, just the cheap bag of russets... It turned out great! Very old-fashioned, homey. Served with corn and a spinach salad.

        1. re: PHREDDY

          We had au gratin potatoes, also slightly lightened up...skim milk, and light cheddar. Delicious!

          1. re: sunflwrsdh

            Got to give that a try..then no cream at all?

            1. re: PHREDDY

              Phreddy - I made SP&H last week and I use just whatever milk is in my fridge at the time. No cream. Sometimes it is 1%, sometimes it is whole milk. Doesn't matter. Always comes out good.

              1. re: boyzoma

                I have stayed away from these for many years as I had to , like many of us reduce cholesterol...but you know what?.. maybe a treat with this light version might work...

                  1. re: mariacarmen

                    Jacques is pretty cool. His book, Essential Pepin, is on my kitchen counter as I type. He's a Connecticut boy like me so be kind to him.

                    1. re: steve h.

                      (sorry steve, i realized my post was in the wrong spot, so i moved it.)

      2. Tonight, something with a couple of loin chops, not sure yet. May throw them on the grill.

        1. I'm not cooking as much as usual, as work is very heavy, but I did manage to pull together the C.O.R.N. (thanks Linda W) pasta last night. Tossed perciatelli with sautéed bacon, radishes, radish greens, and radicchio. Topped it off with grated parmesan and pine nuts. Mixed up vegetable drawer salad on the side. Sangiovese at dinner, a tiny glass of Caffo Amaro del Capo (finally found it!) afterwards. For a thrown together, clean out the fridge dinner, rather nice.

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            1. re: L.Nightshade

              "managed to pull together" my ass. that dish has me absolutely drooling.

              1. re: mariacarmen

                Thanks you two! I'm still working off the same theme tonight....

                1. re: L.Nightshade

                  What a killer dish. Nice photo, too.

                  1. re: steve h.

                    Thanks steve!
                    I'm soon to embark on the third pasta dinner in a row. Perhaps a bit of carb overkill, but I'll just pretend we're in Italy.

                    1. re: L.Nightshade

                      I'm still tasting the carbonara at Roscioli, pretty good pasta for a cheese and wine shop.

            2. Nothing special - but my raw veggies were 'good enough.' DH picked out some chinese celery in a package, I didn't think it was quite 'good enough" but I humoured him. There was very little left after I threw out the not 'good enough' leaves, but there were enough for a few leaves and stems, to which I added each organic celery, carrots, onions. I normally would have stopped the cooking earlier, but was caught up in something else and it near burned. Added a teaspoon of water to the glaze on the bottom, and it was more than 'good enough.' Tasted mighty fine.

              1. I'm taking it easy tonight - tomorrow I'll deal with the rest of the lamb. So it was just cream cheese scrambled eggs and toast (and yes, some bacon!) for dinner tonight.

                Always easy; always tasty. And a one-pan cleanup. That *so* works for me.

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                1. re: LindaWhit

                  glad your tummy's doing better - good enough for bacon!

                  1. re: mariacarmen

                    Yeah, I had lamb leftovers for lunch today. If that stuck with me, bacon certainly would. LOL! I *should* be cutting the rest of the lamb off the bone for use tomorrow or freezing, but I'm enjoying just sitting and reading CH and a couple of sites. I'll get to it in a bit. :-)