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Apr 9, 2012 09:55 AM

Where to find Wandering Aengus ciders?

I'm looking for a retail source of Wandering Aengus ciders. I fell in love with their Wickson Crab varietal cider at Queens Kickshaw (which has the best cider list I've ever seen) and am hoping to find a retail source for it. I can find a few mail order sources but would love to avoid going that route. Thanks for any help that you all can provide!

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  1. Beers are tricky to pin down because a bar or shop's inventory is so seasonal and changes so rapidly. The best resources I know of for tracking down specific beers are:



    If you access untappd from a mobile device you can see who has checked into that beer near you. For retail sources, it looks like most of these are drafts, but I would check bierkraft- they have a huge selection of bottles.