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Apr 9, 2012 08:31 AM

Gaithersburg area caterers?

I am thowing a party for my parents 35th anniversary. The party is on Mother's Day, and we are anticipating 55-65 people plus about 10 kids. I worked in restaurants for years and I know that this is the busiest restaurant day of the year. I figure I am better off with an off site caterer. The venue does not have a proper kitchen so a personal chef is probably out. I can't use sternos or open flames, and will be renting electric ones myself unless the caterer can provide some. I have taken care of most of the details, so anything from a drop off caterer to a little bit of set up is all I might need. Does anyone know of a place that can do heavy buffet style hors d'oeurves or a light buffet for a reasonable price? Thanks for your help!

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