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Apr 9, 2012 08:09 AM

Fayetteville dinning options

My family and I are planning a trip to Fayetteville for the end of this month, 4/27-29. We've never been to this part of the Atlanta area, and we'd like to go somewhere good for dinner during our trip.
We're considering Frank's @ The Old Mill. I know they strongly suggest reservation and are reasonably priced ($16-$20 entrees), but can anyone tell me what the typical dress is? We're a casual family and aren't looking to bring dressy clothes just to go to dinner.
We are certainly open to suggestions for any other restaurants in the area that are comparably priced or less expensive, casual, and kid-friendly for our 6-year-old. Someplace that doesn't require reservations would work better since we're not sure exactly when our event Saturday afternoon will conclude, but that's not necessarily a deal-breaker. (I know, I'm asking for the moon, aren't I?)
I have read through the thread pertaining to Peachtree City, but saw nothing there that mentioned Fayetteville.
Help me, fellow foodies. You're my only hope. :-)

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  1. Never eaten at Frank's at the Old Mill but have driven by and noticed the parking lot was full. Just based on my knowledge of Fayetteville in general I would be shocked if there were more than a couple of men wearing sport coats. Would be willing to bet that in July you would see more men wearing shorts than sport coats.

    Would appreciate a review of Franks if you go. All in all the dining options in that area are pretty dismal imo.

    We ate at Founders in Senoia (10-15 minutes south of Fayetteville) a couple weeks ago and thought it was fairly good. If you drive down there you will go by Starrs Mill which is right scenic. Maybe not the best choice for a six year old though.

    This is a place we have talked about trying.

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      Thanks for your reply, kengk. We have made our reservations for Frank's and are looking forward to our dinner there. My daughter loves the idea of overlooking a waterfall and watching the geese and ducks while we eat. I will certainly leave a review after our visit.

      After your reply, I noticed another thread called "Places with good chow near the Fayetteville area?" that I had not seen earlier (possibly since it was only active in Oct. 2011.) It mentions Frank's, but only to say that the website is "weird." It could have changed since then, but I liked the website. It, along with Frank's FB page, urbanspoon, Trip Advisor, and any other reviews I could find are what finally pushed me to go ahead and make reservations. The locations looks beautiful, and the favorable reviews outweighed the negative, which were mostly about how busy the restaurant was and having to wait for a table, but were also on major holidays like Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving.

      The Village certainly looks appealing. The decor looks casual and very comfortable, and the menu seems to have a little bit of everything. We *love* lamb, and the pictures of the lamb dish would make at least one of us want to try it so we all could have a taste. In fact, I think our biggest problem would be deciding what else to have since the menu is filled with delicious-looking options. I'm hoping our trip to Fayetteville will become an annual event giving us another opportunity to try The Village, though I hope they update their web and FB pages before then. It looks like they haven't updated either in over a year.

      Founders looks amazing! The seared tuna would be a "must", I think. YUM! So maybe that could be our goal for year 3. My daughter would be 8 by then, and any place that serves fresh-squeezed lemonade has to expect a few kids, right? Mmmmmm, fresh-squeezed lemonade.....

      Thanks for your suggestion! And if you think of any place else worth mentioning, please do! Like I said, I'm hoping for lots more opportunities to try the local and nearby cuisine.

      1. re: ProtoTD

        I will keep an eye out for your review.
        If you need a place for a quick and cheap lunch, Speed-i Pig barbeque is good.

        1. re: kengk

          Are they open Sunday? I've seen one review site that says yes and one that says no. Maybe we could hit Speed-i Pig for lunch Sunday on our way out of town.

          1. re: ProtoTD

            Never mind. Their FB page says they aren't open Sundays.

            1. re: ProtoTD

              I have no idea, generally it is work that brings me to Fayetteville. They are the kind of place that could very well be closed Sunday. Give them a call Saturday.

              Just south of Speedi Pig there is a shopping center with a couple of restaurants. North of the old part of town there is every chain imaginable. Oh, and as your driving out to Franks there is an oyster bar on the right in a strip mall. Can't think of the name.

              1. re: kengk

                Found this for the oyster bar.


                Looks interesting. Hubs and I love raw oysters, and the hot dogs would work great for our daughter. I'll have to call or dig more online to see if they're open Sunday. Awesome suggestion! Thank you!!

        2. re: kengk

          I haven't been to the new Village Cafe yet. If you do go sometime, please post a review. The two previous "versions" in the old location were good, but I'm curious to see how the new one is in this new location with the new owner.

        3. I am not that impressed with Frank's. You may love it, but I do not. It's OK, but it seems as if they're trying too hard without actually "owning" what they do in the kitchen. What I mean by that is, things sound great on the menu, but I don't care how something reads, I care how it tastes. It just seems like they're trying to make their food look good on the plate, but their presentation comes across as somewhat cheesy much like their decor. A lot of the food that hit the table was not seasoned properly. I am by no means a salt-fan, but much of the food walked out of the kitchen without being seasoned at all.

          Dress is anything you want including shorts.

          As far as seeing the waterfall, make sure you ask for a table where you can see it because most of the tables don't have a view of it.

          Now, as far as somewhere I WOULD go to eat in Fayette County: City Cafe and Bakery. This place has class and knows how to do food. Every time I go there the food is properly seasoned and their presentation is solid. Also, their service is great.

          Their decor is very pleasant. I highly encourage you to sit on their patio. It is simply wonderful and peaceful. Dress is anything from resort casual on up.

          Here are a couple of links for their website as well as reviews on Yelp:

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          1. re: 1POINT21GW

            Oh my. I wish I had known about City Cafe before making reservations at Frank's. My heritage is German, and any opportunity to eat traditional German dishes is the first considered. The German restaurants here in the Birmingham area keep closing down, and the closest one to us is a couple hours away in Huntsville. We're even considering a trip to Nashville because one of his coworkers told my hubby of a good one there. I would have never thought Fayetteville would have a German restaurant. If they served sauerbraten, City Cafe would be the hands down wiener (you may groan) for our dining choice.

            Thanks, 1point21gw! We did request the table overlooking the waterfall (the receptionist told me they had only one), but my husband and I may have to discuss changing our reservations.

            1. re: ProtoTD

              I have eaten at City Cafe a couple of times and thought it was ok but we were not as fond of it as 1Point is.

              1. re: ProtoTD

                Please let me know what you end up doing. I'm interested to hear.

              2. re: 1POINT21GW

                We're back from Fayetteville, and as promised, here's a rundown of where and what we ate. (Sorry I didn't get this done sooner. The end of the school year is a busy, busy time.)

                We were going to eat at The Half Shell Oyster Bar and Hot Dog Shop on W Lanier Ave. for dinner Friday night, but when we got there, we weren't even sure it was open. Very few cars in the parking lot and no one that we could see inside. My husband was already leery wondering how good the oysters would be (and because of the unusual combination of oysters and hot dogs, I think). So instead we went to the Georgia Shrimp Co. on Peachtree Pkwy in Peachtree City. Peachtree City is an odd little place. I know there's a lake there, but this town seems to have an identity crisis and believes it's on the coast. But I digress...

                Georgia Shrimp Company is located in a strip mall. The parking lot was tight and packed, and with all the golf carts, foot traffic, and vehicles, a little difficult to navigate. Once inside, the atmosphere was comfortable and the staff was very friendly. Our daughter loved the fish tank and carried on a 5 minute conversation with one of the servers about touring the universe in a rocket ship.

                We ordered the Starter Combo Platter as our appetizer. It had calamari, fried fish nuggets, grilled shrimp, and mussels on a bed of shredded lettuce. The 4 mussels topped with cream sauce were very good. The sauce wasn't too heavy and didn't overpower the mussels. My husband really enjoyed the shrimp, which was seasoned quite well. They struck me as more akin to scampi then to grilled shrimp, but were good. We all liked the calamari, it was crunchy and firm but not too chewy. The fish nuggets were our least favorite of the four. They were mild, but greasy. We didn't finish them. With the plate came a creamy tartar sauce (average) and a sweet pepper sauce that I enjoyed. I ate it sparingly, though, because I'm more of a savory girl.

                The hubster ordered Fried Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp, and Fried Oyster Combo, which was served on lemon rice and came with a salad. He got the house-made creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, which he said was okay but had too much thyme. Overall, he didn't care for it. The entree was not terrible, but not great either. His favorite was the grilled shrimp. It was lightly seasoned and "really good", according to him.

                I got the Cajun Salmon served with roasted potatoes and creamed spinach. The salmon was moist and what I consider lightly seasoned. I enjoyed it, but it didn't have the spicy kick I expect when I order anything "Cajun". The potatoes were good, too. They were seasoned, skin-on wedges that had the slightest crunch around the edges. They were a nice change from the usual mashed or baked potato most places serve. The stellar part of this dish was the creamed spinach. YUMMO! Creamy, cheesy, tasty goodness. My only suggestion to the chef would be to plate the spinach in a separate bowl on the plate. It tended to run into the potatoes and fish, which might be an issue for some.

                My daughter had the Fried Shrimp with fries from the children's menu. Pretty standard. She ate the fries, but only had one shrimp. I really couldn't say if she didn't like them or just wasn't in the mood for real food since she was looking forward to frozen yogurt after dinner.

                If we go there again, I think I'd like to try the Grits Antonio. The menu describes it as "Creamy, cheesy grits topped with plump tender shrimp, spicy Andouille sausage and crispy bacon bits in a creamy sauce of white wine, spinach, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese." I had a hard time deciding between it and the salmon, but since I already have my all-time favorite shrimp and grits dish at Crazy Cajun here in Birmingham, I was afraid I'd be disappointed.

                At the end of our meal, one of the owners (I think) made us an offer that was hard to refuse. If we tried the Marvelous Malva and didn't like it, we wouldn't have to pay for it. The menu says it's "a pudding baked with secret ingredients and served warm with pouring cream." I was so tempted, but we had already promised our daughter frozen yogurt, so we passed on that and the complimentary ice cream that came with her dinner. We tried, though. We gave her the choice, and she chose yogurt. ::sigh::

                After dinner, we stopped at Yo Tops on W Lanier on our way back to our hotel. I think the name of the shopping center is Togwatee Village. It's across from the Peidmont-Fayette Hospital. Nothing special. Your typical build-your-own yogurt place.

                Now on to Saturday night's dinner at Frank's @ The Old Mill. When I made our reservations on April 9 (almost 3 weeks in advance), I requested a table with a view of the waterfall. Apparently that's table #7. When we got there, we were told that the party that had been seated there had not left yet. The hostess explained that sometimes guests take longer than the estimated dining time. My husband and I are both former servers and my husband is a trained chef with lots of restaurant experience, so we know this to be true. We were given the option of waiting in the bar area or taking another table. We chose to wait since it seemed that the other party had been there a while and would most likely be leaving soon. We got a couple of drinks and had a seat. I had a Bloody Mary that was very tasty. It was made by the gentleman bartender, and he did a very good job balancing the ingredients so that nothing was overpowering. The hubs had tap beer. After several minutes, we were told that another table was ready if we would like it. We decided we would go ahead and take the alternate table, table #4. Table #4 is directly across from the walkway over the waterfall, so no view accept wooden planks and railing. During our dinner, I had my doubts that table #7 had actually been held for us. The party that was there when we were seated was still there when we left. I know folks can linger at dinner, but had they been seated early enough that the hostess expected them to be finished by our 6:30 reservation, they might as well have brought a change of clothes and a toothbrush.

                As for the food at Frank's, boy, they love their capers! We ordered Calamari Franco for an appetizer, and it was covered with them. The squid was mushy and had an odd breading that reminded me of Shake'N'Bake. Our daughter, who will devour calamari whenever she can, wouldn't eat it.

                Hubs and I both ordered Greek salads with our entrees. I enjoyed it. They didn't skimp on the feta, and the dressing was light on the oil so it had a good vinegar tang. It also had a distinct dill flavor that I liked. The melba toast-style croutons were also good. I like melba toast, though.

                For our entrees, we ordered Surf and Turf, Greek Chicken, and a cheeseburger and fries from the kids' menu. My husband's 6 oz. Angus filet looked great, but just didn't seem to have very much flavor. The "surf" portion was shrimp scampi (smothered with garlic, parsley, and far too many capers) and a 3 oz. piece of salmon (which was under seasoned). My Greek chicken tasted okay, but was dry. It was served on top of a huge portion of feta rice, which was on the mushy side, and pita points. The whole dish was topped with capers. My daughter's cheeseburger seemed dry, as well. It came on a kaiser roll, which she liked. When asked what she thought of her burger, she said it was better than Chili's but not as good as McDonald's. Ah, the 6-year-old palate. :-)

                The highlight of the meal was the dessert. My daughter and husband shared a HUGE piece of strawberry shortcake, which they both enjoyed. I had the creme brulee, which I think was meant to be shared because it was also huge! The top probably could have spent a little more time with the torch, but it was still very creamy and tasty. We had asked about the pastry swans that were in the dessert display when we walked in, but were told they were just decoration. However, our server Mary was kind enough to bring one for my daughter and gave us a take-out box to bring it home in. That was very sweet of her. (Of course, I broke the swan's head off when I picked it up to put it in the box. D'OH!) She was very nice and did a good job serving us. She even took it in stride when our outspoken 6YO told her how bad their calamari was. :-)

                1POINT21GW, I understand exactly what you were saying by not "owning" their food. While some things seemed completely under-seasoned, if seasoned at all, others were totally overdone (can you say "capers"?) In fact, my husband said yours was a perfect description. I still think the setting is beautiful, but the food doesn't quite live up to it's surroundings.

                So there you have it. My long-winded description of our foodie tour of Fayetteville and Peachtree City. Maybe someone will get some use out of it if they're planning a trip and are unfamiliar with the area.

                1. re: ProtoTD

                  Thanks for the review. We have talked about going to the Georgia Shrimp Co. but it sounds like Carrabbas will remain our choice on the rare occasion we are in PTC.

                  FYI, I think the Village Cafe is in the shopping center where ya'll stopped for yogurt.

                  1. re: kengk

                    Your quite welcome, kengk! I've only been to Carrabbas once, and that was local and was years ago, but I remember it as being very good.

                    The Village was in that shopping center?! How did we miss that? Good to know if decide to go there next time we're in the area. Thanks!

                  2. re: ProtoTD

                    Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you had an overall good experience here.

                    What you said about Peachtree City is interesting. I've live there/here and I'm interested to see what caused you to say the city has an identity crisis. It won't hurt my feelings or anything - I don't care. I am just curious.

                    1. re: 1POINT21GW

                      It might be hard to explain this well, but Peachtree City had a certain vibe to it. Driving along the Parkway, we felt like just beyond the trees should have been the ocean. Kind of like Back Beach Road in Panama City Beach. (Hmmm, "PCB", "PTC"... weird coincidence.) The golf carts and crowded strip mall added to that feeling, like the town is trying to be a tourist destination on the coast. Heck, we even passed a Coast Dental. I don't mean to be harsh or insulting. It's just how we felt. Maybe if we get more opportunities to spend time there, we'll get more used to it. Shoot, I might even prefer it to the coast.

                      1. re: ProtoTD

                        Very interesting. In all the years I've lived here, I've never gotten that feeling concerning the coastal theme or trying to be a tourist town, but I can understand why you might have felt it is a little different.

                        Peachtree City is a very family-centered city. It is a planned city that began in 1959. There are community amenities, activities, and organizations as well as certain city ordinances, in addition to, most importantly, the individual citizens, that are are here to help keep the city clean, clean looking (lighting and signage ordinances for example), to promote a family-based community and to keep the riff raff out. The overall look and feel appeal to some and don't appeal to others. It can have a polarizing effect, so I can understand why you felt the way you did.

                        Concerning the golf carts, yeah, you'll see a lot of them around here. There are about 100 miles of golf cart/bike paths here and plenty of the citizens take advantage of them. I hope they weren't too bothersome, but to some they can be.

                        I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. If you ever do plan on visiting this area again (anywhere in Fayette County), post up any questions you might have and I'll be happy to help any way I can.

                        1. re: 1POINT21GW

                          I would love to hear your recommendations for PTC.

                          1. re: kengk

                            Well, ironically enough, there's no where in Peachtree City that I love. That's not to say there is no great food in Peachtree City, just that I haven't eaten everywhere and of the places I've eaten, there are places that are a little further out that I'd go to instead where I can have a better overall experience for the same (or less) amount of money.

                            As mentioned before, I really like The City Cafe in Fayetteville. I like the old Village Cafe in Fayetteville, but I don't know anything about the new one with the new owners.

                            However, currently my very favorite restaurant within 100 miles of here is Taqueria Iztaccihuatl in Fairburn. I cannot say enough good things about this place. They serve authentic Mexican food (and some not so authentic - they are a business so their goal is to make money and they make more money by giving the customers what they want). Every single order they make is scratch made and made to order. They make all their own corn tortillas from scratch in the restaurant. The owner's mother (the grandmother of the family) can be seen making them on Saturday's. Their food is second to none when it comes to Mexican food. Their sandwiches (tortas) are simply phenomenal.

                            The service there is top-notch. Armando, the owner, and I have talked extensively about serving your customer (I am a fellow business owner) and he understands customer service to its very core. He understand and practices the secret to customer service that many, many of us miss: love; and he makes sure that all of his employees serve their customers (the boss) with the highest level of care. If they don't, they don't work for him.

                            On top of all that, their prices are fantastic - very, very reasonable.


                            As far as places I like (but wouldn't say I love) in Peachtree City: Georgia Shrimp Company, Thai Spice, and, if you like crab legs, Big Daddy's Oyster Bar (all-you-can-eat on Wednesdays) are good.

                            Mama Lucia's down in Newnan serves very good Italian food.

                            kengk, as best I can tell, you live around here. I'm sorry I'm not of more help with Peachtree City in particular, but, if I'm wrong and you don't live close to here and you would like recommendations for the Metro area, I'd be happy to share my thoughts. But, I get the feeling like you already know plenty about the entire Metro area.

                            1. re: 1POINT21GW

                              We are about an hour south of Fayetteville or PTC. Columbus is a bit closer so that is normally where we go if we want something better than we can get here. Will put Mama Lucia's on the list. Will definitely have to try City Cafe again. I would probably like it more if I weren't listening to my SIL talk whilst I ate. : )

                              That is the thing about PTC, I keep thinking, there HAS to be some good places to eat there, but alas, not so much.

                              Atlanta traffic causes me excessive stress so we very rarely go. Did eat at Rathbun Steak not long ago (went to Emory to visit my brother).

                              1. re: kengk

                                You know, a place that I've heard is good, but I have never been to (and, ironically, I drove past is just a few hours ago) is Frank's Famous Family Restaurant just off of the Collinsworth exit off of I-85. It's part of the Chevron right off the expressway.

                                If you're willing to make the drive sometime, The Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation, which is on Lake Oconee, is simply one of the very best dining experiences in Georgia in my opinion. Is this something you'd ever consider? If so, I can give you a complete rundown of everything they offer (which includes one of the most, if not the most, romantic dining experiences you and your wife could ever have).

                                Do you have any suggestions for down where you live? I saw a fried chicken place that was in the same building as a gas station that was right off the expressway somewhere down that way off of I-85, but don't know what exit it was. Do you have any idea of where I might be talking about?

                                1. re: 1POINT21GW

                                  For fried chicken you should try the Bulloch House in Warm Springs sometime.

                                  I've had an unremarkable business lunch at the newish Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens. Since then it has been taken over by Marriott and we mean to try it for dinner some night. Ad in the paper this week for their Mother's Day buffet that sounds spectacular.

                                  Have you been to the Hil at Serenbe? I've had one really good meal there and one pretty miserable experience that left me not wanting to go back.

                                  1. re: kengk

                                    You're right, The Bulloch House does have great fried chicken. But, I'll tell you what my favorite thing there is . . . their biscuits. They're so tangy. I love them.

                                    Thanks a lot for the heads up on the Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens. I will definitely have to try that out some time.

                                    Regarding The Hil at Serenbe, I wasn't impressed by it either. The main thing I came away from there thinking is "I just paid how much for that little amount of food?". I know some might come back with "Yeah, but they use all local, organic, pure, whole, all-encompassing, sanitized, sterilized, super special food. They grow their own vegetables, they grow their own cows, they grow their own waitresses, they even grow the wood that built the restaurant. They have their own forge where they made their stoves and pots and pans from ore that came from their own property. They even used the trees from their own property to process into paper for the menus." And my response is . . . "OK." Other restaurants turn out better food with a better experience at a better price, so, I go there instead. Plain and simple.

                                    Their service was average. I guess to sum it up, I wasn't really wowed by anything I experienced at the restaurant. The only thing I was wowed at was the lack of value. I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting so much going into the meal.

                                    Outside the restaurant, however, is great. We all really enjoyed walking around the grounds and playing croquet as well as jumping on the trampoline that is level with the ground.

                                    What was your experience at The Hil?

                                    Regarding Warm Springs, have you ever eaten at Mac's Barbecue? It's been five or more years since I've been there, but I remember thinking it was pretty good when I used to go. Once he stopped offering the all-you-can-eat barbecue on Friday and Saturday nights, I stopped going.

                                    What about Oscar's? What do you think about their food? I see the place is always full. In all the years I've been going down to Warm Springs, I have yet to eat there. I either already had plans to eat somewhere else, or, when I did plan to eat there, they weren't open. I'd like to eat there sometime though. I'd really like to get your thoughts on them though.

                                    1. re: 1POINT21GW

                                      "What was your experience at The Hil?"

                                      First trip they had a braised short rib and risotto special that was wonderful. Good service, all very pleasant. Second trip sword fish and some of those "special" farm grown greens. It was a piece of fish about the size of three saltines stacked together and a tablespoon of turnip greens, period, the end. But to make it extra nice there was a near hysterical toddler there whose parents and the staff were encouraging to scream even louder. The topper, when the couples food came, they took turns taking the kid outside so the other could eat in peace. We were nearly finished at this point.

                                      "What about Oscar's?"

                                      Ate there years ago, it was ok, has since changed ownership. Go early unless you enjoy drunks and karaoke.

                                      "have you ever eaten at Mac's Barbecue?"

                                      We get some take out from there every year or two. I like it well enough but I can cook a better pork shoulder on my deck than what he makes.

                                      Ever been to the Lighthouse, just outside Griffin? They have about as good of fried seafood as you can get anywhere, even on the Gulf.

                                      1. re: 1POINT21GW

                                        You missed your chance for Oscar's; just read in the paper today that they are closed. There is a new place in Greenville that is supposed to be good. We are trying it Saturday.

                                        1. re: kengk

                                          Dang. Oh well. No big deal.

                                          I'm sorry for not responding to your post just above this one. I guess I'm just not smart enough for this forum's confusing, antiquated format. I will answer your post here:

                                          I agree about cooking better pork butt at your house. Although, I haven't been to any barbecue restaurant yet that I thought was better than what we can turn out at the house.

                                          Concerning The Lighthouse, no I have not been. Although, you have me very interested with your comment about their fried seafood is better than that on the Gulf. I go to the Gulf (Foley, AL very regularly and eat plenty of fried seafood every time I'm down there and I am very interested to try The Lighthouse if their food is even better than what I've been eating.

                                          1. re: 1POINT21GW

                                            Never been to Foley but The Lighthouse is certainly better than a lot of the places I've eaten at on the coast.

                                            I usually get the shrimp and oyster combo plate, catfish on occasion. I don't remember if they have grouper or snapper on the menu, but if so, I would be very skeptical about it being genuine gulf fish. They also have a buffet but have never tried it, looks good though. I like my fried seafood to be served HOT out of the fryer and they do it if you order off the menu.

                                            This place is not fancy or expensive, think fish camp.

                                            1. re: kengk

                                              Sounds like my kind of place. I'll try it.

                                              This reminds me, have you ever been to Tim's Country Cooking in Fayetteville? It used to be in Griffin. If not, I highly encourage you to go. It is one of the very best buffets I've ever had. Every single thing is consistently near perfectly executed.

                                              1. re: 1POINT21GW

                                                I try to avoid buffets. I tend to eat like a pig (even if the food isn't that good) and feel bad afterwards.

                                                If you happen to be a fan of the traditional, southern style, whole fried catfish: you really should make a point to go to Riverbend. Just outside Thomaston on the banks of the Flint river.

                                                Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, order anything but catfish. You can get whole or filets but I really would strongly recommend the whole fish. Everything else is just stuff off a Sysco truck. They do it the very best of any place I've ever been. Been eating there for forty plus years.

                                                On Friday or Saturday night, go very early or very late or be prepared for a long wait. I think they take reservations but you will still probably have to wait.

                                                1. re: kengk

                                                  Thank you very much for recommendation. Riverbend is definitely going on my list of places to go as I absolutely love fried whole catfish.

                                                  Speaking of fried catfish, have you ever been to Falls View right across the street from the entrance to High Falls State Park and, if so, how does it compare with Riverbend? We really like Falls View so I'd like to know how you think it compares with Riverbend.

                                                  1. re: 1POINT21GW

                                                    We have not been to Falls View. Have heard of it and plan to go "some day". I'm retiring this year so the "some day" for a lot of things should be nearer.

                                            2. re: 1POINT21GW

                                              The Lighthouse burned down yesterday. Breaks my heart.

                                2. re: kengk

                                  Have you tried The Downtown Grill in Tyrone? It is on the same road as Carrabbas that someone else talked about in PTC but maybe 5 miles away. Their salmon is out of this world as is their Southwest Chicken salad. When we started eating there, I was addicted to the salad (shredded romaine, grilled corn, black beans, red and yellow grape tomatoes, avocado and fresh grilled spicy chicken with a homemade chipotle ranch dressing) and we ate there three times a week. I started losing weight and averaged 2 lbs a week. The only thing I did different was eating that salad at the Downtown Grill. (It was so big, I would eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner.)

                                  I also recommend their Shrimp Florentine (pasta with creamy herb sauce, large shrimp, cherry tomatoes and artichokes) and their fried green tomatoes which come with their homemade chipotle ranch dressing for dipping. Their grilled chicken sandwich, which I would expect to be just so-so as most are, was stelllar. You can tell it is fresh chicken, not frozen or preshaped. Hubby says their filet is the best around. Oh, and their salad dressings are homemade. The only changes I would make would be to offer crusty French bread with dinner (currently have soft yeast rolls) and to be more generous with their wine ( surely a good glass of wine should be more than 5 sips).

                                  Also, they offer a Blue Plate special and all their veggies are homemade and to dadgum die for- creamed spinach, fried okra and sweet potato casserole are outstanding. Their cornbread is the best I have had at a restaurant- a little on the sweet side with maybe a dash of vanilla. Their chicken fingers are also homemade- normally I wouldn't order something like that at dinner but we had seen an entire group order them near us one lunch and they were probably the best I have had there. That being said, dining is limited in this area and we are thankful and grateful we found this place.


                                3. re: 1POINT21GW

                                  What we saw was very pretty. We had even mentioned while we were driving that there must have been a sign ordinance since all the business signs were low to the ground. That's aesthetically pleasing, but can be difficult for visitors trying to find something. :-) PTC was not what we were expecting. (But then, neither was Fayetteville.) I've looked around the city's website to try and learn a little more about the area. Even the website says, "Peachtree City is often compared to a resort, but our residents just call it 'home.' " So I guess that's what we were feeling and compared that feeling to something we are familiar with. As an outsider, it looks like your town is someplace you can be proud to call home. (I was impressed with the schools there. Good for y'all!)

                                  What's funny is I thought about booking the Dolce for our stay since there are only two hotels in Fayetteville, and the Dolce would have been cheaper than the Hampton where we stayed. But we decided we wanted to be closer to our event location, plus we get HH points. It is definitely on the short list for next year, though, now that we are more familiar with the proximity to Fayetteville. It's not nearly as far as we had thought.

                                  1. re: ProtoTD

                                    Hahaha! I completely agree with you on the sign ordinance. I live here and it's STILL hard for me to find things sometime! The sign for Wal-Mart is about 2' x 3'! You can literally drive straight past Wal-Mart and not even see it unless you knew it was already there.

                                    But, I must say, I do like the overall look of the city. It's something the city started as part of the "planning" vision decades ago. Now, most other cities across the metro area and state are implementing a similar sign ordinance.

                                    Concerning a hotel, if you ever do decide to stay here, let me know if you need help finding a deal on a hotel.

                        2. Oh! You know some place I just remembered that's really good in Fayetteville? Tim's Country Kitchen! That place is fantastic!

                          They serve authentic Southern food done better than almost any other Southern restaurant I've ever been to, which is pretty impressive considering it's a buffet. Attention is given to every single food item they serve to make sure everything is seasoned cooked properly. Every thing they serve tastes just like it would if you were at someone's house eating their home cooking. The food is consistently great as well.

                          This review sums up Tim's perfectly:


                          So, the next time you're in Fayetteville, I would definitely check out Tim's Country Kitchen.

                          1. My two cents on FayCo dining:

                            When in Fayette County (Peachtree City, Fayetteville, or Tyrone) you can't miss Partner's Pizza. It's very casual, and not anything like Frank's, but they have a very expansive menu. And everything on it is good!

                            For wings, you've gotta go to Wings n' Things (they've got a bunch of locations now and all are good). Papaya Thai in the Kedron shopping center is very good, and I prefer it to Thai Spice. For dinner, different and amazing pizza, or a little something unique, Athena's Greek restaurant near the Peachtree City Wal-Mart is FANTASTIC. The service is great, they deliver, and everything we've tried has been delicious. Can't say enough good things.

                            The El Ranchero at Westpark Walk (in the same shopping center with Carrabba's) is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the world, but that's possibly because it was the cheap-greasy-American "Mexican" I was raised on, and think the salsa can't be beat.

                            FYI: the Frank's at Collinsworth and Frank's at the Mill are substantially the same. The comments made about Frank's at the Mill's food are exactly how I'd describe Frank's in the original Collinsworth location. But if you need a place to impress someone with dessert, Frank's is your place!

                            For local flavor that's a little farther away, some of the restaurants in Newnan really impress. If you're ever in town, you've gotta get a taste of the Redneck Gourmet. It ain't fancy, but everything's tasty. Plus the Newnan square has fun shopping and is quite cute.

                            Hope someone finds this helpful!