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Apr 9, 2012 08:06 AM

Milwaukee. Von Trier - once bar only, now small plates

Along with the renovations to the bar a couple years ago, Von Trier has now started a menu of small plates - olives, pretzels, flatbreads, a sausage plate... here's the link

I've had the sausage plate, the roasted fennel and apple salad, and the duck confit flatbread, the last twice. I'm not a huge fan of sausage such as knackwurst, so my view of that dish is somewhat meh. But someone I shared it with thought it good. Wife and I shared the fennel/apple salad and the duck confit flatbread the other night. I enjoyed the salad. Good balance of flavors, the fennel and apple set off well by the vinagrette, despite the "sweet" designation of the mustard. The bechamel on the duck confit bread is really good, rich. Overall, it's a good start for them, imo.

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  1. Several friends and I love their beer selection so I am glad they now offer something other than popcorn to eat with the beverages. Thanks for the note.