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Apr 9, 2012 07:14 AM

Maraton weekend

Coming to Vancouver for fist time in May to run Vancouver marathon. Hope to try great sushi, pasta the night before race and any other "must-eats" in this cool city. Any suggestions?

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  1. Must try sushi places (that won't leave you super full and greasy-full): Miku (in downtown vancouver), Kingyo (Downtown vancouver), Seto Sushi (Richmond). If you want some ramen (japanese noodles so you can get those carbs in), try Motomachi Shokudo in Downtown.

    Must try italian places with awesome pasta: CinCin (downtown vancouver), Cioppino (Yaletown), Provence Marinaside (Yaletown and waterfront!).

    If you're in Vancouver, japanese food is a MUST. Chinese food and any other asian food as is good as it gets (same as in China but a lot cleaner!).

    Good luck in the race and happy eating!