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Apr 9, 2012 02:17 AM

Bangalore - Local Faves at Tamarind, Banaswadi

Every city has this type of place - those large family restaurantswhich cater to all tastes and preferences, where children as well as their grandparents could find something to suit their tastes. Tamarind in Banaswadi was this very kind of spot: noisy, bustling, welcoming. It's, in Indian-speak, a multi-cuisine restaurant (when they say "multi-cuisine" here in India, it meant cuisine from different regions in India, and *not* that you'll find sushi next to pasta next to curries).

What we had:
- Deep-fried chicken kebabs: calling these "kebabs" seemed a misnomer since the chicken were neither skewered on a kebab nor grilled, but marinated in masala spices and other condiments, coated in cornflour and deep-fried. Deep-fried chicken kebabs were as common to Indians as fried chicken to Americans.
- Prawn fry - another ubiquitous familymeal staple: marinated in chilli-turmeric spices and the obligatory ginger-garlic paste, then deep-fried.
- Chicken briyani: each person was served an individual pot containing saffrom-scented, midly spiced chicken cooked with good quality basmati rice, topped with a hard-boiled egg. Little pots of cucumber-onion raita were served on the side as a condiment. It was a warm, comforting dish - very popular with the family groups in the packed restaurant;
- Dessert was sweet Amul vanilla ice-cream, with fresh mixed fruits (pineapple, watermelon, apples)

I get a warm feeling dining in this kind of restaurants - you see everyone, from aging saree-clad matriarchs or white-haired patriarchs presiding over their 3-generation family lunch groups to large groups of young people, or celebratory parties in there. The cooking has to satisfy fussy home-cooks and hungry teens alike. And that, Tamarind did very well.

P.S. - *Not* a place for business lunches naturally ;-)

Address details
Tamarind Banaswadi
Garden Restaurant
#1, 9th B Main (Next to the Fire Station)
Chairman Layout, Banaswadi,
Bangalore 560043
Tel: +91-8060000600

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  1. Those prawns look especially enticing - I presume they were still tender.

    Your post on this thread - - made me curious about the proportion of meats offered over there. In general, what kinds (and the rough proportions) does one get in Indian cuisine places? Does it differ from what one gets in non-Indian cuisine places?

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    1. re: huiray

      Interesting that you brought this up. The standard "single" portions in top-flight restaurants here seemed to cater for 2 diners.

      For example, the standard order for "kakori kebabs" at Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs in ITC Windsor Manor consisted of 4 large skewers of their famous minced lamb. In ITC Gardenia's Kebabs & Kurries, a single order of their mixed kebab will have 2 huge prawn kebabs, and 2 large chicken kebabs - very generous even for large American appetites.

      The single pot of Gosht Dum Pukht Briyani at Kebabs & Kurries was definitely made for at least 2 persons. I checked and confirmed with local colleagues here that it's very, very rare for Indians to want to eat alone, unless forced by circumstances such as business travel. They normally prefer to dine in twos but definitely liked group dining.