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Apr 8, 2012 11:07 PM

Help With Revere Ware Copper Pan

I already have something in mind but want to confirm it. The mark on the bottom reads " Revere Copper & Brass Incorporated". I believe that was the original name when in 1928 Rome Brass & Copper merged with Revere & Son. The stamp also looks like the one used in the very early years. If I am not wrong the "REVERE WARE" brand and logo appeared in the beginning of the 40's?
So, that way of thinking leads me to the conclusion that the piece was made somewhere in the 30's or early 40's.. Maybe not the 30's because then the hallmark would have "ROME" reference and back then the handles were bakelite.
What do you think?
Also, not sure about the lining? Is it stainless steel, chrome, tin?


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    1. Did you ever learn anything more of this piece?

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      1. re: CaliforniaJoseph

        Hi, Joseph:

        Unfortunately, I can't make out the mark on the OP's piece. And the lining looks like chrome to me; if so, the pan is post 1932 and pre-WW2. Anything with "Revere Ware" in the mark is 1939 or newer.

        This article might help you:


        1. re: kaleokahu

          I'm familiar with the site - in our correspondence I may have failed to mention I am a bit of an obsessed Revere fanatic.

          Prior to 1918 it would have been solid copper, unlined, and read "Made from Revere Copper" and had a cast iron handle.

          I just may be the proud owner of such a vintage skillet! :)