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Apr 8, 2012 10:20 PM

Sub Sandwich on Chicago's Best on WGN

Anybody that can help me I will consider a dear dear friend at this point. I was watching the show a while back and I could've swore there was a deli shop in the back of a grocery store that sold either 3 foot subs or 3 pound subs, one or the other. Does anybody know the name of this store or restaurant? I've tried every avenue to try and find it and haven't had any luck, thanks.

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  1. No idea if this is the one, but a quick Google forund that J.P. Graziano's was featured on WGN Chicago's Bets for their subs. The standard one is 9" but they have a YouTube video showing larger ones for catering:

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      Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.

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        They make a darn good sandwich - worth the trip even if it isn't the place you're looking for.

    2. The correct place is Bari Grocery at 1120 W. Grand.

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        God bless you for sending me this info.

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          Strong recommendation for Bari. They use fresh bread from an Italian bakery next door. One of my favorite sandwiches. Pay extra for the giardiniera.