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Where can I find Freeze Dried Fruit Powder?

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I am looking for blueberry and strawberry freeze dried powder.
Does anyone know where I can find these in Vancouver?

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  1. I saw plastic tubs of freeze-dried blueberry and cranberry powders at the Whole Foods at Cambie/7th last weekend.

    1. what will you do with it?

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        My question exactly!

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          me too --- curious.

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            Can't speak for the OP, but I've been looking for freeze-dried strawberries to try making strawberry macarons:

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          I know people do use the freeze dried powder for macaroons a lot. I use mine for my cupcakes and frosting. Adds a nice fresh fruit taste without messing up the consistency. So delicious!

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            the flavour is more intense. have a look at mind of a chef series, i assume the 'sweet' episode.
            i've used them in sorbet and dust the inside of my soufle ramekins.
            im using them more now when available.

          2. I know you can order online at www.northbaytrading.com. I see they have strawberry powder, but do not see blueberry.

            1. This was random, but I came across little one ounce bags of freeze dried strawberries and mangoes at the Winners in Penticton for a jaw-dropping $7.99 each just last week.

              I purchased one of the strawberry bags, ground the contents down into about a quarter cup of powder and used it to flavor some ice cream. Very intense!

              This company also does mail order and has some decent sales from time to time:


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                can I get a pint?!