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Apr 8, 2012 09:17 PM

Another one bite the dust - 'Jun Jun' aka 'Chicken & Noodle' no more!!

The already scant ' won-ton noodle ' scene in our supposedly great North America's best Chinese food mecca has suffered another major blow!

First, Big Joy in Richmond Hill, then V2, in Markham and now 'Jun Jun - Chicken Noodle' on Sheppard and Glen Watford in Scarborough have all closed down!! Looks like the closest place to get a decent bowl of authentic Hong Kong style Won-Ton noodle is now in Vancouver!!

Those existing outfits that serve jumbo golf ball size won-ton morsels with pathetically bland broth do not count in my book!! (Won Ton Hut on Warden and Hwy#7 with its great broth and noodle might be the only exception even though the distorted size of the won-ton morsel is still too big for my liking )

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    1. Emotions aside, is this not just a case of the market finding it's natural level? I too prefer less bulk in my wontons and have noticed most places go for the "golf ball". The HK expatriate community is huge in Toronto and Chinese businessmen are among the most shrewd. Surely if there was money to be made from a line of HK authentic, I have to believe it would happen. That it apparently is not says to me that we should just embrace the Toronto authentic style. So who makes the best?

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      1. re: T Long

        I was talking to the chef/owner of Won Ton Hut the other day and his comment was that people simply prefer quantity over quality nowadays! Guess the only exception is Mak's in Richmond, BC. They are constantly packed serving noodles with traditional 'quarter' size morsels!
        Who makes the best in TO?? The answer is simple!! NO ONE!!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Too bad...guess I'll just have to keep trying places out. Actually I find myself ordering the water dumpling (sui gow) and noodles over wonton and noodles lately if given the choice.

      2. I am sorry to hear this news. I liked Jun Jun for more then just the wonton.

        1. Damn, that sucks. I still miss Big Joy a lot.

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          1. re: aser

            I miss Big Joy too, that place was the best

            1. re: Wil

              Big Joy not only had good noods -- their congee was BEST!!!

              1. re: jennjen18

                Yup!! Especially the pig's liver one!!

          2. I think they would've stayed afloat if the "one drop aroma" scandals didn't occur......I know at least 10 patrons who had stopped going to the restaurant completely since the news was released.

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            1. re: plug

              Sorry super late to this but, what was the one drop aroma scandal. I've been trying Google and coming up nadda.

                  1. re: plug

                    Did Jun Jun use the one drop aroma?
                    What about the new restaurant at the same location?