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Apr 8, 2012 08:24 PM

Starting to narrow the choices: input please?

This time (May 14-23) we're staying a little further out in the 15th so the plan is to check out some restos in our general vicinity. We'll happily do some traveling as well, although many of the places in the upcoming 10th and 11th (including Septime) are not an easy commute for us so while we may explore some of those options for a lunch, we're mostly not planning on it. We'd also love to have another Chow gathering so perhaps Souphie will be willing to be the point person for either another dinner at CLJ or perhaps a pastry party at Jacques Genin.

Here's a short list of some of our picks. Mostly, I'd like input on if you think there's enough variation in the places we're considering and some suggestions of what we might add to mix it up. I don't drink alcohol so we aren't considering wine bars. We have 9 nights in Paris and will cook/eat in at least a couple of evenings.

Le Grande Pan (our apartment is literally a 5 minute walk so this will be our neighborhood place!)
La Veraison
La Cantine du Troquet (any news on the Le Troquet?)
La Regalade (our favorite restaurant that we return to every time)
Chez Grenouille or L'Auberge des Saveurs (opinions on which for traditional French?)

We're not sure if we're going to do anything really upscale but if we do we're considering choosing between:
Le Grande Cascade
L’Instant d’or

I'd love any and all input/opinions.

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  1. Any input please? Are our choices too similar? Which upscale place would you choose?

    1. I really like the bistro Le Belisaire (2 rue Marmontel 75015 Paris Tel: 01 48 28 62 24). it is literally around the corner from Le Cordon Bleu school on rue Leon Delhomme. I have a lot of friends who work at the school, so I have lunch or dinner there nearly every time I'm in Paris. Matthieu, the chef, does delicious food.

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        Thanks Chef June. We'll definitely check it out. It's right in our neighborhood.

      2. Like Chef June, I like Belisaire too. Doesn't hurt that it's a 5 minute walk away from home.
        Le Troquet is my neighbor so I might be a little biased but I love it not just for convenience sake. Always comfortable, generous, lively with good food. Someone in the group always ends up getting the charcuterie basket where you cut however much sausages you want.
        La Cantine served me very similar food when I was there last week, although you can have the option of snacking instead of doing a full meal. The appetizers are more exciting, love the pig ears salad. Close to La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix is Au Dernier Metro, also good and casual.
        I love Jadis, the food is more refined than the rest.
        a review of last week's meal at La Cantine du Troquet:

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          Thanks for the info xigua. How far in advance does one need to reserve for Le Troquet? And how early does the Cantine begin serving? It might be a good first night choice for us.

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            For Le Troquet, a few days in advance should suffice. As for La Cantine du Troquet, I'm not 100% sure but I believe they start dinner service at 7 pm though it also offers continued service for aperos and such so you might even be able to get seated earlier. We were there at 730 on a Saturday and the place was only about 50% full. By 830 most of the tables were taken.