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Poutine en Folie

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Ok I thought I should start this thread because Im sure alot of you will be driving by this place wondering if its worth a try(Its on St Laurent below Rachel.). Well I tried it the other night at around midnight since its open 24 hours. I was hoping it would specialize in poutines and actually possibly maybe even be good, but...... The menu was pretty big, included 10+ poutines, burgers, steaks, hotdogs possibly even pastas, basically a typical horrible generic montreal diner style type of menu. My friend and I each got a poutine, I got a vegetarian one with peppers, olives, mushrooms , and grilled onions which was just ok, my friend got a butter chicken poutine , which I thought was a very risky choice, but he ended up enjoying it, and actually in the end we saw that the the cooks were indian so maybe it wasnt such a bad choice :> Both were 7.50$ +tax for a regular. I wouldnt go back unless I was desperate and in the area around 2-3 am. But cant say it was a total failure.

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  1. how did indian choice influenced your opinion on this place? I went there once with friends, I didn't order anything and my friend had the regular poutine. The fries were your generic yellow frozen dry fries. I wouldn't give it a try unless nothing else is open at night