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Apr 8, 2012 06:23 PM

Savona in Scarsdale?

I just came back from a walk through Scarsdale's town and saw that there's a new restaurant either opening soon or opened already. I couldn't find any info on this site, does anyone have the scoop? It looked pretty inside and it's a nice corner location. It appears that there might finally be some real nightlife in town given that Chat started things off a couple of years back and now this. Yes I know about Moscato - zzzzzzz.... and 808 Bistro but both are outside the center.

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  1. So curious...which corner is it located on? I will ask around.

      1. I went last night and it was very good indeed. The choice of starters/light eats was very broad and 2 or 3 of the things we had were outstanding. A mellow, good looking place. A large number of wines by the glass in decent wine glasses means that it is a good place to snack share and drink, yet it also looks like it will be a good place to have a full meal.

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          Looking for a place to meet friends who live in nyc at a half way point ...would this be a good Sat night spot for 2 couples? In the past we have gone to BLT or hit Armonk

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            I think it would be a good spot...

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              Went last night with the wife. First out were three kinds of bread, offered up from a nice basket. The tuna starter featured a very fresh cut of the fish, the green salad was nicely dressed in a light vinaigrette. We shared the bolognese, which is kind of a benchmark dish for us, and I found the sauce quite good, with a pleasing depth. Interestingly, the standout dish was the dessert: blueberry torte with near-candied Meyer lemon slices.

              The service is already excellent, and the wine list is extraordinary. There are a very large number of wines by the glass and a lot of 3 oz servings; the place obviously aims to attract wine enthusiasts who want to experience a broad variety of better wines.

              By the way, the exterior is deceiving, as inside it's larger than you'd think.

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                good call JPG0214. We went over the weekend for dinner and had an enjoyable meal.

                We were greeted right away upon arriving and had a drink at the bar. The place was packed - people were eating and drinking at the bar which is a nice size. They had some homeade potato chips which were delicious. When we were seated our waiter came over took our drink orders and kind of disappered on us. The selection of wines were nice and well priced, just were very slow to come out. Once we didnt get our drinks , we asked and a manager came over and graciously ended up being our waiter-we never saw the original waiter again which worked out fine. The manager was gracious and knowledgable .

                Food was good and its a nice menu, lots of choices. Gourmandizer- we too started with the tuna which was very good, the salad, a pizza , and artichokes.

                The bread of the 3 choices all was super fresh and tasty. Entress and dessert didnt disappoint either. A few standouts were the striped bass, spaghetti and meatballs, risotto.The sides were great, our haystack potatoes came out cold but within a few minutes a fresh batch was hot and on the table.

                Deesert was excellent...tiramusu, blueberry tart and panna cotta were standouts

                I would certainly reccommend it and look forward to going back- maybe we'll sit out side next time in what looks like it will be nice outside seating. Not sure how they address the noise volume, but with a strong management they have in place i have no doubt the service kinks will get ironed out. Its casual and comfortable, good menu choices and great food...I hope they do well.

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                  I saw a "review" of Savona in the Scarsdale local paper this weekend. Judie Dweck, the cooking columnist, liked it. Of course, that puts her at 117 consecutive positive reviews, with nary a criticism to be uttered, for her comped meals.

          2. Savona is now closed. I only ate there once, and enjoyed it. We were planning on going back this weekend. I'm sorry to hear the news.

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              A little surprising, I had a good meal there as well.