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Apr 8, 2012 06:16 PM

Where to eat near Courtice

I'm moving to Courtice Ontario in June (located between Oshawa and Bowmanville) and am in desperate need to find places to eat.I need it all: breakfast, sushi, thai, delivery, etc.

I also need to know where to shop for my food other than the grocery chains. Where are the butchers, seafood mongers, cheese shops, etc. I love to buy local and get my food as direct from the producer as a possible.

All recommendations are welcome. I fear I am moving to an area that will force me into chain restaurants.


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  1. Might I suggest visiting the Courtice Farmers Market and networking from there? Being among those who care about food, both vendors and buyers, might be of value.

    1. Your fears are unfounded, with one small proviso. You are moving beyond the city and even beyond the suburbs, and you will need to drive a car everywhere for everything. You need to realize that "local" means a half hour drive (each way), and unless you are within a couple of miles of downtown Courtice and want pizza, "delivery" will be a memory from your previous urban life.

      The best restaurant in Courtice is Bistro 238. They have no website, but there are photos of the menu on their Facebook page. I eat there regularly, and the food is good.

      The best restaurant in your new area is Bistro Chanterelle in Bowmanville. It has a larger menu, nicer space and a better chef than Bistro 238, and the prices are similar. You need reservations on Friday and Saturday.

      You also have Zante, a Greek restaurant in Bowmanville that is the best in the area. It is the type of place where, the last time we were there a month ago, a 10-person wedding dinner was going on in which one of the guests was playing excellent solo violin -- spontaneous entertainment.

      There is also a tiny cafe called Touch of Dutch in downtown Bowmanville where you can get breakfast and lunch at low prices. They have Nasi Goreng on the menu, and a freezer with several homemade Indonesian dishes to take away.

      There are also a couple of standard diners in Courtice that get decent reviews for breakfast and lunch, but I haven't tried them.

      After that, cross the border into Oshawa and continue west, and within a half hour drive all the riches of "Restaurants in Durham that don't suck" (a Chowhound thread) are open for discovery.

      1. I like Kyle's Quality Meat in Bowmanville as well as Svetec farms for organics. My favourite bakery is Baker's Table in Oshawa at Ritson/Bloor .

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          Thanks to all of you. They are great recommendations. Please feel free to share any other ideas you have.

        2. Hi. I live in Bowmanville and second the quality of Chantarelle's. Really good food with a nice atmosphere. Bobby C's in Bowmanville has decent food but the real draw is eating on the deck overlooking the arena . My girlfriend and I's best place for value and atmosphere is Bittmore's in Courtice . The pizza is very good and the wings are excellent, especially the pineapple curry. The Courtyard in Courtice has a great patio in the summer, has the feel of a real British pub, and shows all important soccer matches . The best Chinese food in the area is Tang Dynasty in Bowmanville . My gf really likes That Hotspot There are quality food options away from the chains. You just have to look. Let me know if this is helpful. Happy eating!

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            Thanks for the suggestions fifthglen. I have to say the Thai Hotspot menu looks a little confusing - thai, vietnamese, japanese, and chinese. :) Why do places feel that have to do it all instead of doing one well?

            I searched through your previous posts and got some other great ideas. Thanks!

            1. re: RYP

              I know what you mean about the all encompassing asian restaurant. Perhaps because the east end of Durham Region is not as ethnically diverse they feel the need to service all tastes. My fave in Oshawa is Azian . I love the dressing they have in their house salad. Are you moving from Toronto?

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                We are moving from Kitchener (though we moved here from TO). I must say the food scene in Kitchener Waterloo has improved greatly in the last 7 yrs. I'm going to miss all of the great dining options, not to mention the choice of farmers' markets, butchers, bakeries, and gourmet food stores. We also have a great 100 mile store where you place your order from a huge list of local foods for weekly pickup.

                So sad to be leaving. Hopefully Durham will start to improve in the years to come.

                1. re: RYP

                  I think you'll find that Durham is probably better at food than Kitchener/Waterloo. We have no RIM, though, so we fall short in expense account dining. Other than that, I much prefer our Buster Rhino's to your Hog Tails (just as an example).

                  No use comparing apples and oranges, but for apples you're in luck. Within 15 minutes of Courtice you've got Archibald's with 16 varieties plus ciders and wines, plus Algoma Orchards, plus Bowmanville's annual Apple Festival.

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                    Plus Price's Market on HWY 2 in Bowmanville is good for fresh fruit, vegetables, potatoes in the summer. Also, Algoma Orchards has a grocery store/market with a nice bakery, fresh fruit, and many sauces and flavourings and sauces I am sure you will enjoy h . ttp://

                    1. re: fifthglen

                      I second the suggestion to check out Price's on Hwy 2 on the east side of town, just past the zoo (my family has been buying veggies from the Prices for over 40 years now - ever since they started out with a picnic table on the lawn!) - definitely the best fresh corn in the area and it's picked fresh EVERY day. Archibald's is terrific too - we pick apples there every fall. Watson's Farm, on Hwy 2 on the west side of Bowmanville has a good farm market too, with both picked and pick your own berries and apples. For sushi, the best I've found in the area is Osaka at 46 Simcoe St. N. We took Japanese friends there and they thought it was very good too. There are also now weekend farmers markets - there is one in Newcastle in the arena parking lot that has a nice selection of local produce, honey etc. It's on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., June through October. It's not huge, but the selection is good. Oshawa apparently has a farmer's market on Fridays from 8 to 4 at 419 King W., but I've never been so don't know what it's like.

                      1. re: PaddyD

                        Totally agree w fifthglen & Paddy on Price's Market. This is my absolute favourite market in Durham. I love that they have blue potatoes, various beet varieties and the most amazing multi-coloured kale. Just-laid eggs are always terrific and during growing season their garden centre is labour of love.

                        The Friday farmer's market at the Oshawa Ctr is alright and does get better every year. Unfortunately they don't screen their vendors to ensure they are all farmers so you do get some folks that stop off at the food terminal and just re-sell. Clements Poultry Farm has outstanding poultry, I forget the name of the mushroom folks but they are adding more varieties each year and it's nice to have them as a local option. There are a couple of folks with small farms that have absolutely wonderful produce.

                        I've been underwhelmed by the restaurants in Whitby and Oshawa. The exception would be Patty Shack, an amazing burger joint in Oshawa.

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                          Is Prices even open yet though? Most markets like that in Durham don't open shop until at least May if not later.

                          1. re: jo_jo_ba

                            Price's may not be open yet - but if not, very soon, as they have a greenhouse and all manner of bedding plants and seeds, bulbs and sets available for gardeners. They also carry some things from other growers (I know they swap things with other farmstands, depending on who has early supplies of things) and of course, carry a bunch of preserves, eggs, cheese and some baked goods too, like Betty's pies and tarts from Cobourg. (a treat if you've never tried them!)

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                              Usually they open in May but as Paddy says, perhaps sooner given the weather. i should add that the owners are such lovely, gracious people too. This is a true gem in our community.

            2. I underestimated the available delivery services in Courtice. You can get more than just pizza. You can also get Swiss Chalet, Dial-A-Bottle, and flowers delivered.

              In addition, you can get free delivery of hormone- and antibiotic-free beef from the Swain family farm in Blackstock (, and you can get a weekly delivery of organic produce from Durham Organics (