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Apr 8, 2012 06:16 PM

Friday night on H st

Relatives, including a 5 yr old, will be in town next weekend and we'd like to go to dinner on H st but I'm a bit wary because every place we're considering does not take reservations.

Does anyone have any knowledge or opinions of what the wait is likely to be like on a Friday night around 6:00 pm for a party of 5 at:

The Argonaut,
The Liberty Tree,
The Queen Vic?

Or is there another similar priced restaurant on H St that does take reservations that I'm not thinking of?

Yes, I've already considered Ethiopic, but that's more then they can handle!

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  1. you should be okay since your going early

    1. I haven't been to The Argonaut but The Queen Vic is one of my favorites on H St. They have daily specials which are always good and tend to sell out early in the evening. You shouldn't have a problem getting a table at 6.

      1. I think Queen Vic would be a good choice for a family, especially since you're going early. Sit upstairs, there's more room up there. And they have some really god kid-friendly food. Enjoy!

        1. We just went to Liberty Tree a few weeks ago Friday at around 6 pm with 5 people -- no waiting. The food was great and place engaging for kids. Argonaut and Queen Vic fine with kids too -- Argonaut will be full of families at that time. Queen Vic a little more "bar-ry" than the other 2 (less restaurant seating) and I don't think the food is as good as the other 2.