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Great Breakfast wanted near Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in Nob Hill

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I have all of my restaurants picked out for this trip starting Thursday (Some new, some favorites). However, this time around I am staying at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in Nob Hill and would like some recommendations for a delicious and filling sit down breakfast spot for the morning I head back out of town. Since I will have to get to breakfast, eat, get back to the hotel, grab luggage and check out I want to make sure it is no more than about a half a mile from my hotel.

Breakfast is my favorite meal, so please do breakfast proud and give me some delicious choices!

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  1. Not sure what day of the week you're heading out of town (starting Thursday, ending ?), but Olea is down the street from you and has wonderful breakfasts Friday-Sunday.

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    1. You can get a very good breakfast at Miller's East Coast Deli on Polk Street, between Clay and Washington streets. Just down the hill 7 blocks and 2 blocks north--you can catch a bus back up the hill, right there on Clay. They are open at 8am.


      1725 Polk Street, San Francisco

      1. No one has mentioned Canteen?

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          Canteen's website says closed Monday.

        2. I'm assuming you're asking for an American-style breakfast? If not, you could make the walk down the hill to Chinatown for dim sum.

          1. If you can go early, I would go to Farm:Table. It's super tiny but they have good coffee and food. It's a high quality, smaller portions kind of place (a touch expensive, too) However, if you don't mind paying a little more and having to deal with sharing the farm table seating - it's a few blocks away from you.

            754 Post St
            (between Jones St & Leavenworth St)
            San Francisco, CA 94109
            Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin
            (415) 292-7089

            1. Check to see if these places are open on monday...

              Dotties True Blue Cafe
              Brenda's French Soul Food

              I'm 99% sure cafe de la presse would be open though it doesnt fit the bill as my top choice....

              If youre that big of a breakfast fan, you may consider, as i would, hopping in a cab and going to Mama's, Mission Beach Cafe, Rose's Cafe or Ellas

              1. I just moved into the neighborhood (Van Ness btwn Sacramento and Clay) and need a good breakfast/brunch spot myself. I'm considering OLEA for the 27th. I finally made it out to Farm:Table last weekend and hated it! Service was non-existent (it's counter service) the menu was limited two 2 choices (neither good nor unique, basically just a standard omelette with brocolli!) and the place was uncomfortably tiny. There were far too many people squeezed into the one communal table, the door was left open to accommodate the long line of diners at the counter, making it cold and cramped with people standing above you. Most frustrating was that right after I inquired about their limited menu options and reluctantly placed my order, they decided to add 3 more choices on a whim, even though I had just asked minuted before if this was all that was available. It was overly long, overly priced, and way overly rated. The food we were served was bland, boring and nothing I couldn't make better in 5 minutes at home. Anyways, how does OLEA compare and would anyone recommend this place for brunch? Their menu looks much more itneresting and varied at least...