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Apr 8, 2012 05:16 PM

UES low key Saturday dinner

hi all-
looking for suggestions for dinner next Saturday night on the UES. italian/American/Mexican are the preferences but a good wine list,moderate prices (entrees less then 40$) and a comfortable vibe that lends itself to chatting are key.

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  1. Italian: Spigolo
    Mexican: Toloache 82
    American: Untitled

    1. Although RGR's answers are always awesome, here are a few more suggestions:

      Italian: Tiramisu
      Mexican: Cascabel Taqueria

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      1. re: Linsybee1

        not sure the last time you went to Cascabel (or if you ever went to the original a few doors up from its current location), but it's a shell of its former self now unfortunately. And that's from multiple tries on my part trying to regain the old magic.

        B Cafe is a low-key spot with a nicely done menu.

      2. Square Meal. And, the corkage charge is only $5 - so you can have the best wine list. Food is American. Setting is quiet. Easy to converse. Always had a good meal. Not blow your mind away good, but always good.

        1. For Italian low key vine mellow and cozy Due can't be topped Everyone who goes love this comfortable quaint place with supremely delicious Italian food

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          1. re: mickel

            Italian- Giovanni Venticinque or Felice 83. I think they are now the best in the area...