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Apr 8, 2012 04:40 PM

Take Out for 10 - Recs

I'm helping to plan a take-out dinner for about 10 people next Sunday evening and am looking for recommendations for restaurants.

Dinner will be at my friends' house in Somerville close to Powder House Square. Their family will be visiting from Seattle, plus some more of us driving in from Western MA and Maine.

We're thinking of doing Asian; either Thai, Vietnamese, or Taiwanese.

We'll have a few cars and are willing to pick up from a few places if it is worth it. We will be a mix of spicy and non-spicy eaters.

So far restaurants we are considering are:
Rod Dee (the Porter Sq location)
Quingdao Garden

My brief research on this board puts Mulan at the top of the list. There seems to be plenty of good recs for dishes we can consider from there.

Are there any other menus we should be perusing this week? Is it worth it to get dumplings from Wangs, but look elsewhere for main dishes?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. I like Mulan very much. My own go-to mix for a large group comes from Brighton: Bon Chon chicken from Bon Chon and everything else from Jo Jo Taipei's, including the dumplings and the stellar Taiwanese hot and sour soup. I get the chicken 1/2 spicy and half not and have never had anything but happy eaters..

    1. I agree on Mulan. IMO, best that is close to you. I would keep it simple and not do multiple places. I like Wang's dumplings a little better but not worth a separate trip.

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        ditto on Wang's dumplings. they're great, but the rest of the food they serve is incredibly greasy. while I don't mind eating it myself, I wouldn't serve it to 9 other people.

      2. i would have suggested Jo Jo Taipei for their soup dumplings (and many other items) but since you now have Din Tai Fung in the greater Seattle area, Mulan is a great choice and a bit closer to you (don't miss their cold smoked duck appetizer and the braised pork shin).

        1. I would say there's no reason even to go as far as Mulan. I really like Rod Dee (although in our new vow to be more adventurous in ordering outside our comfort zone, this past weekend we ended up with something dreadful from the specials board with mixed seafood in red gravy. Avoid that.). You could easily go down Mass Ave and pick up a ton of dumplings from Quingdao and then hit Rod Dee for entrees. I really haven't found much spicy at Rod Dee (again, perhaps my ordering needs work), but you can get some heat at Quingdao.

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            I like the idea of dumplings from Qingdao or Wang's, plus main dishes from Rod Dee. You could also get some veggies from whichever Chinese place you choose.

          2. Along the Thai route, I'd suggest looking into Lemon Thai (on Highland Ave). Their country pad thai is my favorite in all of Boston. I'd like to think that says a lot, since I don't normally care for pad thai ...

            If you care to go towards South Asian food (and not just East or South East), there's Guru the Caterer.