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Apr 8, 2012 03:40 PM

Best value for sea food in Newport , RI

Hey All

I am looking to take my wife to a really nice lobster/ seafood dinner in Newport this week. I don't mind paying a lot of money but I expect quality. All comments are welcomed. When i searched it seems that a lot of threads are outdated. Thanks again


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  1. Would highly recommend Scales & Shells on Thames St. They offer an extremely large variety of seafood. All very expertly prepared.

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      Scales is great,the lobster fra diablo is amazing there,the sicilian littlenecks too.across the street is Zeldas and thier famous "butter poached"lobster thats incredible,plus a fun bar scene....

      1. re: im hungry I'm are the scallops?

    2. We've never dined at Scales and Shells, but each time we visit Newport, we dine at the Mooring. Their seafood is always fresh and well prepared, and the view of the harbor is very nice.
      Anthony's Seafood in Middletown is our favorite seafood destination. It's not big on ambience, however it is very clean. Their seafood is fresh, well-cooked, and reasonably priced. It's worth the 15-minute trip over there.

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        Second the Mooring too.
        And I am 1 hour away

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          third the Mooring. Great apps and soups too. And they just redid their raw bar if you are into that

      2. scales and shells was always my fav on thames st. when i lived in newport...they get various fresh fish daily...the black pearl is always a fine choice as well and some of the best chowda ever

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          I love the black pearl was a tradition for my son and I, sitting with a bowl of chowda and watching the boats and people.

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            summers in newport are awesome for just relaxing and doing some people watching...god i miss it!!

        2. If you are looking for value Anthony's is it. The food is "really nice" but it is not a special night out kind of place.

          How important is a view for you and your wife? If it doesn't matter Scales is a great, relatively affordable, option.

          If price is not a problem (as you suggest in the body of your post), go to Caste Hill. Outstanding food, service and view.

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            We did Anthony's tonight. My wife said it was the best sea scallops she had ever had. Keep em coming guys will be here for the next couple days,


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              Other favorities of ours: Mama Luisa's, Cafe Zelda and Bouchard's all on Thames.

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                As Frobisher said, if price isn't a problem, go to Castle Hill, particularly if the weather is nice, as it's supposed to be tomorrow and Saturday. I'm also very fond of Tallulah on Thames. Neither it nor Castle Hill are stereotypical seafood places, but very nice high-end dining experiences.

                Scales and Shells was also suggested, rightfully, IMO. Lower price point than the other two I mentioned, but cash-only, if I recall correctly, so keep that in mind.