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Apr 8, 2012 03:25 PM

Where to eat: Two weeks in Paris with Tweens

A group of mothers are taking our 10-13 year old daughters to Paris during the last two weeks in May. There are 12 of us. Some of us plan to dine in restaurants more than others, so group size will vary. Most of the meals will need to be in a fairly casual environment, while at least one meal is intended to be fantastic foodie fare. We're all willing to pay 20-45 Euros for the casual meals and more for the other.

The children are all enrolled in the French immersion program at school, and the moms can all speak good to fluent French--menus will not be a problem. We'd like to favour the hole-in-the-wall local restos and avoid those that cater to tourists. We will be exploring arrondissements 1-18, so suggestions could cover most of Paris. We will be based in a lovely large flat in Montmartre.

We live on the Pacific coast and we tend to feast on fresh fish, prawns, crab, and wild game. The closest urban centre to us is Vancouver, so we enjoy great restaurants when we can.

I'm hoping for suggestions on where to eat
-a 10th birthday dinner with the group (big group, special but casual in Montmartre)--considering Le Miroir
-a few casual dinners
-lunches (including Versailles)
-picnic supplies (Luxembourg and Tuileries areas)
-a fabulous dinner for 2 adults and 2 children

Thanks for your help.

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  1. For your 10 th birthday dinner or a casual dinner-Neva in the 8 th. really lovely food,fun atmosphere, about 35€ , and a special 'surprise' dessert -chocolate sphere with gold leaf. for a fabulous dinner, I like Kei -it just got its first Michelin star and is a beautiful calm space with tables set far apart, elegant service and excellent food..

    1. Kei is excellent and I also like Neva Cuisine very much.

      A few other casual lunch/dinner options that I really like in your price range:

      Au Passage (really good value at lunch but mostly no choice)
      Little Breizh (great crepes)
      Bistro Volnay
      Les Saisons

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        I just went to Bistro Volnay two weeks ago-great as always, but not especially for youngsters. Pretty middle aged crowd I think. I went to Les Saisons too-a pretty disappointing meal but I had fun at Au Fil des Sisons in the 3rd and I think this might be a good choice for the girls. I went there with a 12year old and she loved it..

        1. re: pammi

          What did you have at Les Saisons? I loved their duck rillettes. I thought their foie was perfectly seared and the salmon tataki was excellent. Perhaps the mains were not as strong but overall a really nice meal for us.

      2. Domaine de Lintillac for their cassoulet and the confit de canard with pommes salardaises.

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        1. re: Steve

          Is there a location of Domaine de Lintillac that is better than the others?

          1. re: GwaayGirl

            I ate at the one in the second, have not tried the others. For a family (we are four), this can't be beat.

            You could also try Ambassade d'Auvergne. The warm lentil salad is a revelation. I just sent my brother there for dinner on his honeymoon, and he had a fantasic time. Reasonable. Although the menu has a 'frozen in time' quality, it does change seasonally.

        2. The original comment has been removed