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Apr 8, 2012 02:06 PM

The Olde Ridge Barbeque

The above just opened in Harcourt (about 20 minutes from Bancroft or Haliburton). We tried their ribs last night and they were excellent. Nicely smoked, lightly sauced and very tender. The sides of corn bread, potato salad and baked beans were also delicious. For $13 we thought it good value. They also have brisket and pulled pork and when available on Fridays smoked trout.

I really hope they do well as this is something of a culinary wasteland around here. I know for sure we will be back.

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  1. Went here on the long weekend. It was a bit chaotic when it came to the seating, a woman pushed her way past our party and demanded to be seated. Our table of four was left for quite a while wondering if we would get to order. They had a very limited menu (ribs and pulled pork) but added chicken at the last minute. Four side options.

    The pulled pork was good, and I really liked the ribs, very smokey, good texture. The sides were okay. The weird thing is they only have these "old fashioned" sodas which no one was a fan of.

    I would go back for the ribs, but probably do take out.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Will write it in my notes if ever in the area again:

      Found their facebook page:

      1. Looks like I will revisit this thread from a few years ago.
        I visited this place on Saturday for lunch. They had Beef Ribs and Pulled pork available as well as beans and corn bread. We tried them all. Ribs were tender and very meaty back ribs. They had just the right amount of Maple Wood smoke and were sauced with a sweet tomato based sauce. Pulled pork was tender and the sauce was a bit more vinegar based.
        Beans and corn bread were decent as well.
        I don't go by this area often but would definitely return. I took a few pics which I will upload later.
        The owner Bob Turner took the time to check on us and chatted with me extensively about his love of BBQ, his cooking technique and even took the time to show me his BBQ pits. Nice guy and a nice family owned restaurant. Only open 3 days a week though (Fri, Sat, Sun) and when the food is gone, it's gone.

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          Here are a few pictures.