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Apr 8, 2012 01:29 PM

Shelter Island

Have decided to divide our visit to San Diego to the Gaslamp area and then Shelter Island. On anothe thread have already recived many very good suggestions for the Gaslamp area an now are looking for suggestions in the Shelter Island area. Have noticed Bali Hai and Brigantine are mentioned frequently. Will have a car so would like to broaden the search to a slightly larger area.
Looking for more upscale locations but have no restriction on the cusine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Brigantine is nothing special especially if you have a car. Bali Hai just got a new chef and I would give him a little bit more time.

    1. Frankly, I find devoting yourself to eating on Shelter Island a bit depressing. It's like San Diego Disneyland, unless of course, your yacht is parked there. If you have a car, there are far better areas for devotion. (Coronado, La Jolla, Del Mar, etc) I just ate at the Bali Hai because a friend insisted. The view was great (we ate outside) and the food was ok, but it felt a bit, well, uh, Floridian, which is my penultimate diss. I can think of dozens of places I'd rather have gone.

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        Ha Ha, Shelter Island IS where I parked my yacht... I'll agree that it is a little lacking in upscale dining, but you can get some good food there.

        Are you going to stay on there or are you just planning to drive over from your hotel elsewhere? You might be better off spending the morning/afternoon there and having dinner somewhere else. Really, the drive from the Gaslamp (Which I would call San Diego's Disneyland) to Shelter Island is about 15 minutes.

        Point Loma Seafood is great for lunch... If you room has a fridge you can get some smoked fiish or anything else that looks good and have it for breakfast they next day.

        I wouldn't eat off of the dinner menu at the Brigantine, but the bar food in is great! Have some fish tacos, a couple of oysters and one of the local brews on tap and you should be very happy.

        (Actually, I find that I enjoy dinning off of the bar/appetizer more than the dinner menu at a lot of San Diego places).

        I wouldn't recommend the Bali Hai for dinner, but it is a nice place to have a Mai Tia and maybe a late night snack while you enjoy the view, especially if your hotel is withing walking distance.

        If you fine yourself hungry while coming back to you hotel you could stop at Santana's for a late night California Burrito or Carna Adada fries.

        Avoid Red Sails Inn at all costs!

      2. To echo the other responses, Shelter Island isn't a place to go for upscale cuisine. It is one of the best places to eat lunch at a picnic table facing the harbor. Eating sandwiches from Point Loma Seafoods and watching ships enter/leave the harbor is a great way to spend a lunch hour.

        1. Consider adding a new upscale restaurant -- Gabardine -- into the mix. Though it's not on Shelter Island, it's close by: on Rosecrans a couple of blocks over from the San Diego Yacht Club. Getting good reviews:

          1. Did not mean to imply we were limiting ourselves to Shelter Island but rather the Shelter Island area. We will have just spent four night dining in the dowtown/gaslamp area so we would appreciate restaurants more oriented to a short drive from Shelter Harbor. Mentioned Bali Hai and Brigatine because they kept coming up when I did a search on Shelter Island. Appreciate the clarifying comments so far. We will be staying on Shelter Island.