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Apr 8, 2012 01:17 PM

Great Thai in Sleepy Hollow

My husband and i discovered surprisingly good Thai very near the Tarrytown train station... Tyrynda Thai. it's a little off the beaten path (128 Cortlandt St) which might explain why it wasn't busier on a Saturday night. Food was terrific, excellent service, lovely decor, good prices, lots of vegetarian options. Portions are not large but were just right for us. My husband had pineapple/shrimp curry and i had red curry with chicken. we shared an order of Thai dumplings. Everything was outstanding.

I've ranted here before about how disappointing the Thai restaurants in Westchester have been since i moved here eight years ago so i'm really excited about this new discovery. Can't wait to go back and bring some friends!

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  1. I second that... the folks who own it are delightful, and the food is really pretty good all around. Spouseman always gets the massuman (sp?) curry. I try to wander more broadly into soup, noodle dishes, etc. We like the chicken wraps very much. Never get there as often as I wish, but glad you've found it. Keep them busy!

    1. Went to Tyrynda Thai in Sleepy Hollow last night for the first time. Outstanding meal. It is a very attractive restaurant with very good service. We shared the Thai Fried Shrimp and Duck Roll appetizers, which left us wishing we had more of them. I had the Panang Curry with chicken and my friends had Tofu with peanut sauce, basil eggplant, and Thai Giant Shrimp, and everyone was very satified with their meals. I'm definately going back.