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Apr 8, 2012 12:01 PM

Bob and TImmy's Pizza - Chow comments?

I just learned about this two location eatery this week. Tried the white pie Wednesday in North Smithfield, which was fine, if a little bit heavy on the cheese. The olive oil infused dough was great and much smoky flavor from being grilled over a flame vs. an oven. Will be back to sample my way through the menu over the next few weeks.

Any regulars of the Providence or N. Smithfield places who have more knowledge of their offerings, please post comments. Thanks.


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  1. We like Bob & Timmy's. My wife favors their famous grilled spinach-mushroom-feta pie and I tend towards the traditional oven-baked pepperoni. We are near the North Smithfield location so I can only comment on that store, but we have always been satisfied. The only caveat which I offer is: Dine in-store for better crust. Both types of pizza crust become damp if bought as take-out (and we live only a couple minutes' away). The few Mexican dishes offered are good, reflecting the background of one of the owners.

    1. I had the Classic Grille yesterday on Federal Hills.. good pizza. I wished the crust had a bit more firmness - maybe another 30 sec on the grill, but the toppings were very well done. Definitely deserving a repeat. I'll have to give the white w/ clams a try, as that's my Frank Pepe's ATF standard..