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Apr 8, 2012 11:52 AM

anyone use (non stick) BEKA cookware?

I've been reading through the boards looking for a safe non stick. I don't like using cast iron and seasoning etc.. also it's too heavy. I just found online something called BEKA which seems to be stainless with ceramic looks interesting but I can't find any reviews or discussions on it. Anyone here know anything about it? Thanks!

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  1. PS the BEKA Im referring to is the newer line that is ceramic on stainless.

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      also looking at BergHOFF which is also said to be ceramic on stainless steel.
      Thanks for any feedback

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        After reading their website and nondisclosure,, ,,I would be leary of theirs claims. Right off the top they say traditional nonstick manufacture endangers the workers, well let me tell you ceramic manufacture endangers workers equaly if not worse.

    2. I can almost guranette you that any ceramic based nonstick cookware will not remain nonstick for long -- usually they lose their nonstick ability in a shorter time than Teflon nonstick cookware.

      There is no magic pan more nonstick than a Telfon pan at this point. If there is, then people would have flocked to it. Seriously, if such cookware exist, then you should buy its stock, not its cookware.

      For nonstick cookware, you are really limited to Teflon based cookware or cast iron and carbon steel cookware based on seasoning. These are really your realistic choices. Otherwise, learn to use cookware which foods can readily stick to them, like stainless steel cookware. You can still cook with them just like others. It take a bit more skill, but it can be done.

      In 2010, EarthPan was ranked as the best alternative to Teflon cookware by Consumer Reports:

      "Meyer’s proprietary sand-based, non-stick PFOA- and PTFE-free coating is called SandFlow. It earned the EarthPan a top ranking from “Consumer Reports” in food-release, hardness (the resistance to wear and tear) and durability."

      Yet, even the spokewoman of the product said:

      "The EarthPan is a fantastic product, ranked number one, she says, but like many green pieces of cookware it doesn’t hold up to the durability of Meyer’s popular Circulon line of non-stick pans. “The best green product is not going to be up to the performance of our higher-end non-stick cookware.” Consumers must have realistic expectations, advises Beck."

      1. I have one Beka ceramic pan, and for full disclosure it was given to me as a demo product. I cannot vouch for the longevity of the 'non-stick' surface as I have only used it for a little while, but the Beka rep told me that you should only use ceramic cookware on medium heat or else it will lose its non-stick quality a lot faster. (maybe a cop out). Even if it loses the non-stick feature, It will, however, still function -- just not as non-stick.

        For me the issue is more about health than non-stick. I have chosen not to use non-stick teflon any longer -- but that is just me. This first generation of ceramic pans will probably have some problems IMO, but they will probably get better and teflon will lose ground further. My first teflon pans lasted only 4 years, but they got better too. That is the nature of consumer-driven pan technology.

        I personally am going to use a mix of stainless, ceramic, and cast iron from now on. And I don't care if I have to replace a ceramic pan now and then if I want that as an option.

        The one thing I will add is that using ceramic cookware on an induction burner for the first time was a bit strange. I hardly had to go above 3 on my Max Burton for things to sizzle. Maybe that is an issue with the Max Burton, but I am sure a lot of people are 'baking' off their ceramic pans early and losing the non-stick qualities early.

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          Thank you all so much. I don't use high heat but would like something safe health wise. Been using AMERIWARE and I believed when they said it was teflon free but then found out they lie from research online. Been really happy with them for a few years now. But I think I need to go with the ceramic on the cast iron or similar. I have to use too much oil to do crepes on stainless. So maybe will do better with the ceramic on low heats. I'm thinking about heatlh too. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply and share. I really appreciate it. Semi non stick is good enough for me if healthier : )

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            Has anyone heard of this new pan Gastrolux® BIOTAN