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de Buyer Handle Coatings

I find the de Buyer website and catalog to lack information, and to be honest, I find the threads on here regarding the specs on these carbon steel pans very contradictory.

1. The website does not list carbone plus as oven safe, yet everything I hear say that these are more oven safe than the Mineral line pans. Why?

2. At W-S I felt a pan, and it had some thin coating on the handle. I don't want anything on the handles. I want steel. Straight up carbon steel. I wish I could remember what line this was, but I can't. Does anyone know what lines have this and what don't?

3. Essentially, I want a good, thick, industrial carbon steel pan, no coatings, and it needs to be able to be stuck in the oven. I hear de Buyer is the best, but which line fits this?

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  1. If you want a de Buyer pan without any coating on the handle,go for the carbonne plus.
    It goes from stove top to oven(450 deg +) no problem at all.
    I think the Mineral and mineral b have some sort of plastic/silicone coating on the handle,and from what I've read on these boards,they are totally oven safe with only some slight discolouration on the handles.

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      Thanks! I wish everything people post was as straight to the point as that.

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        I'm not sure what your problem with a coating on the handle is, but the debuyer line the handles are all coated , except for carbone plus, that one I can't tell, but i've handled the rest (at least at the time I looked at them) and they were coated, even if it was just paint. Here's a test I did on a mineral B

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            Be that as it may, it still makes no sence(to me at least) and you will be hard pressed to find a high quality pan with an uncoated handle, why? How many people would pay 75$ + for a pan that the handle rusted in the first 2 weeks, which would be the case with an uncoated carbon steel handle. Do you hate paint too, what about ceramic coated or anodized(which really isn't a coating but considered one) but I just can't for any reason grasp your personal preference.

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              Actually Fumet swore that there is a coating on the handle of his Carbone Plus cookware as well. Different coating than those of Mineral and Mineral B, but coating nonetheless. This is a different testimony than that of our buddy Petek. You may remember that I have the Force Blue series. I remember there was clearly a coating on the handle of my Force Blue frying pan.


              <How many people would pay 75$ + for a pan that the handle rusted in the first 2 weeks,>

              Not only that. Something has to be coated on the handle -- permanent coating like silicone or a temporary coating like machine oil. Something has to be there, or it will simply rust during the transportation and storage. Forget about rusting after 2 weeks at home. It would have rusted way before that.

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                True enough chem , but as I said in my eariler post , I hadn't seen or handled the carbone plus, but from the pic I'd say there is one, and I find it bizarre that a handle coating is the tipping point, really the singular uncoated handle is aluminum commercial pan that costs about 5$ , and holy hell the health ramifications of bare aluminum , make people run for the hills(and I'm being uber sarcastic here)but the same people will shell out 200$ for a meal at the "best" new resto in town for a meal cooked in a 5$ pan , hence my growing frustration

                Edit-And I want to add , just what does the handle matter any way, is it being cooked on? Is it being eaten off of?it it releasing unseen chemical madness upon the masses? PASFS H Is doomed

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                  <holy hell the health ramifications of bare aluminum , make people run for the hills .... but the same people will shell out 200$ for a meal at the "best" new resto in town for a meal cooked in a 5$ pan , hence my growing frustration>

                  Well, tough to argue against you on this particular point (in other words, I agree).

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                    Then there is a good chance we agree on a couple of other things too, but from your helpfulness on most posts that i can't even read you are way way way nicer than myself

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                "you will be hard pressed to find a high quality pan with an uncoated handle, why?"
                The 2 de buyer carbonne plus pans I purchased had no coating on the handles and neither has rusted.

                Why pay extra for silicon coating on a handle,when there's really no need for it?

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                  Hi Petek,

                  I don't have the Carbonne Plus. In my Force Blue, there was a very thin layer of glaze like coating. When I put a bead of water, the water remains a bead and does not spread. I don't think it is the same type of coating as the Mineral and Mineral B as mentioned by others.

                  <Why pay extra for silicon coating on a handle,when there's really no need for it?>

                  I agree.

                  Dave is just saying there is no need to go out of the way to a benign coating. Next thing we know, there may be a very thin layer of coating on Carbonne Plus too.

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                    <there was a very thin layer of glaze like coating.>

                    There is indeed some sort of "glaze" on the handles,but I think the OP was more concerned about a plastic/silicon application,which the Mineral pans have...but I could be wrong. :)

                    I have inadvertently scraped off some of the glaze(using tongs to help fetch the pan from a hot,hot oven) and haven't noticed any signs of rust on the handles.
                    They look more like battle scars..

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                      :) You probably have unintentionally seasoned the handle with oil

      2. I have the mineral and it has the coating on it, I think the mineral B has the coating on it as well. I didn't know it had the coating on it and I was not happy. I just looked on their website and could not find anything about putting the mineral in the oven. Maybe somebody here got an email about max temp in oven.

        Go to their website and look at the carbone plus and the force blue. The force blue is lighter which probably means thinner.

        If was going to buy another carbon steel pan I would look at the new lodge carbon steel. Its less expensive and has a straight handle instead of the upward angling handle that the DeBuyers have.

        1. Those two answered your questions. Mineral and Mineral B lines have coating on the handle and will discolor when used in an oven.

          1. I've been looking into the mineral b a lot recently and someone on this board has had one in the oven at 480 degrees for half an hour with no adverse effects to the handle.

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            1. I've got the Carbone plus pan. It is coated with a layer of glaze on the handle but absolutely safe for the oven.

              1. FWIW, I have the Mineral Pans, and I have been roasting veggies and potato wedges in them at temps up to 450 for up to 45 minutes, and I've had no adverse effects. I for one like the thin coating on the handle--it gives it a soft and cooler touch.

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                1. re: jljohn

                  That's really good to hear. Have you popped out the little yellow logos on the handle?

                  Does anyone know if they're silicone or not?

                  1. re: unbelievabledave

                    No, I left them as they came to me. It's funny--normally I am all over the specs of my pots and pans, but when I decided to get the Mineral Pans a few months ago, I never even gave their 'oven-safe capability' a second thought. I guess, in the back of my mind, I assumed that no one would do anything to make a high-heat capable material like carbon steel less usable at high heat. And I have treated them accordingly. The only reason they haven't been pushed beyond 500 degrees is that I prefer using my cast iron for steaks.

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                      Ha ha, I'm the same. I've only just got my first Mineral B and put it in the oven a few days ago to dry off and completely forgot about the logos. It didn't seem to do them any harm, and since you've had them in the oven for 45 minutes at 450, I'm guessing they must be silicone! I did a quick search on heat resistant silicone and it should be good up to 575 degrees.

                      1. re: unbelievabledave

                        I think a lot has to do with the fact that most companies and most manufacturers tend to be on the conservative side.