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Apr 8, 2012 10:17 AM

Is waiting in line at the Tadich Grill worthwhile ? [San Francisco]

I'll be visiting SF next week. I like the history and the feel - via website images - of the place ?
Do people have strong opinions about best dishes at Tadich Grill ? Lunch vs dinner ?

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  1. If you want to skip the line, go for a late lunch or early dinner. Best dishes discussion:

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      I've gone recently on a couple of Saturdays around 2. Both times I got one of the last seats at the counter. Seemed like there were empty tables across the way too.

    2. If it's one or two of you, you might be seated faster if you will sit at the bar, which is also a fun San Francisco.

      1. I don't find it worth waiting in line at Tadich because it's not necessary if you can avoid their peak hours. The serve the same menu throughout the day without closing between lunch and dinner. I usually go there after 8:30 when there's rarely much of a wait. They discuss the wait in their FAQ.

        1. We went to Tadich in Nov 2008 (seems like yesterday) for the same reasons and having already tried Sam's where you can reserve at dinner. Though it was a Thursday night at 8 pm and there was a long queue, we were seated after only 10 minutes (maybe luck, maybe not). I barely had time to sip my Tom Collins! Here's a link to the writeup if you are interested:

          1. Even when there is a wait, it's fun.
            Sometimes, when a place has a wait, you feel like everybody is just sitting around hating each other and wanting people to hurry up and finish. Kind of like the play "No Exit" or something. Tadich Grill is not like that. It's boisterous and fun; they make a good martini to drink during the wait; the crowd is friendly and it's easy to strike up a conversation with someone else waiting.

            And then, when you are done waiting, the food is definitely worth it.

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              And sometimes you get to see someone "famous" who is not used to waiting waiting , just like normal people.