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Apr 8, 2012 09:18 AM

Paris - Classic Steak Frites near 6th arr.

I've been searching threads to no avail for this one. I'm looking for a place that serves a classic steak frites - smothered in sauce and served with crispy fries (not just any type of potatoes). Preferably near the 6th arr. I would go to L'entrecote but my girlfriend does not eat meat, and I need to find a place with another menu option. I would prefer to find a classic brasserie or bistro at somewhat reasonable prices (so L'Ami Louis is out). I had thought that this would be easy but it really is turning out to be quite the challenge. Thanks hounds!

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  1. If dining separately is not an option, how much sacrifice are you willing ot do to accommodate your gf?
    I mean: Many bistros do a steak, but not a teak covered in sauce, and not necessarily frites-focused.
    For example, Café des musées has a nice entrecôte and vegetable options. I don't remember its fries, and fries seem to be a sine qua non for you. will this be acceptable?
    And like all bistros, I am not even sure the entrecôte is served everyday including the day you go. All good bistros change their carte often.
    Of course the best is to dine separately instead of both parties sharing a vaguely unsatisfactory experience.

    1. Balzar has superb frites, and the steak (Limousin beef), can be had three ways, béarnaise, au poive and charolaise. Or you could go further away to La Rotonde for unfriendly service and arguably superior steak.

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        We had good service and a good steak last Saturday at La Rotonde! Lots of other options at this classic brasserie (the scallops next table looked lovely) so your girlfriend should have no lack of options.
        Another place not often talked about on these boards is Boucherie Rouliere near St Germain de Pres. Big juicy steaks and manly sized bone marrow is what I remember most about the place.