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Apr 8, 2012 07:01 AM

Montreal Ice Cream Highlights - 2012

I went to the Bilboquet but the lineup was too long so i went to Les givrés and had their version of the maple ice cream which is called la beurrasse or beurrée ?, it was more expensive then the other ice creams, just as Bilboquet, and it was satisfying. Not a big fan of their cone and they now charge .30 for the cup !
I'm surprised no one is talking about Roberto's ice cream/gelato.
If you ever go for a walk on mont st-hilaire, la cabosse d'or is a must and their cacao sorbet is really to die for !

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  1. I do talk about Roberto! I think their Nougat gelato is my favorite ice-cream in this world.

    1. You can now find Coaticook Maple Sugar Ice Cream in Montreal supermarkets. It used to be only available at their factory and it is fantastic!

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      1. I drove by Kem Coba and seeing an open door couldnt resist. The soft flavour this week is maple or combo maple soft and maple ice cream: it was good but I still prefer the fruit ones. They offered tastings of the ice cream and i tried 5, next time will order a combo mango and corrosal (spelling?) as liked that the best. Also enjoyed the pink grapefruit. There is a new flavour salted butter ice cream but was not pronounced enough for my taste. They have 2 kinds of cookies ($1.75) and the dark chocolate and pecan one I ate was a winner, one of the best bought cookies I have had. They are so friendly and helpful even though shop was busy.

        1. I picked up peach/chocolate gelato from Roberto yesterday. The service was cold as hell. We were only taking time to decide which ones to try, the server gave us that "hurry up" look.

          Back to their gelato, I don't find anything particular interesting or special about it. A slight taste of artificial flavor appeared on my palate. So, people, what's good about it?

          1. Fous Dessert has added icecream/gelato to their range. I tried the "Marzipan and (something) Orange" on the weekend and loved it! As I left I was wondering how they would go selling icecream, when there are so many places along that stretch of Laurier that offer ice-cream, but I noticed that they have added a new sign and they will be open till 9:30pm during the summer (on the days they are usually open - they are closed Sun/Mon) Yay for post dinner walks for icecream!

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                I am not sure, I am guessing it might be made there, or at least made exclusively for them, just because I have never seen that Marzipan and Orange flavour before, but I don't know for certain - I will ask next time!

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                  I am here to confirm that all the ice cream are made on site. How do I know? I asked :)