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Apr 8, 2012 07:26 AM

Help! Viking oven will not unlock after self-clean

Anyone have this problem and have suggestions? Not even sure the self-clean worked as range never seems to get hot. Fan came on and that's all.

Really need oven to cook dinner for holiday tonight.


J. Bladen

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  1. Had this happen about 7 years ago. The latch assembly actually had broken/fell apart inside the door. Had to take apart the entire door and have parts replaced. Luckilly, I had a service contrcat but it wasn't fixed quickly.

    BUT, first check that the electrical circuit for your range is working. The range may cook with gas, but many controils are electric.

    1. It may not have cooled down enough.

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        not likely, as OP said the range never got hot. Problem is it may have locked when put on self clean and the brain never swa the hot and then cooling down periods to think to unlock.

      2. As Puffin said, let's hope this is because the oven has not cooled down enough.

        1. You have a bad oven door latch. The part is easy to replace as long as you are mechanically inclined. The piece you need runs around $65 depending on which Viking model you have. The piece you need is part electrical/part mechanical. These usually wear out from the heat that the self cleaning oven produces. I've replaced mine twice in 12 years. A little bit of a pain but more cost effective and a lot easier than manual oven cleaning.
          Don't try to force the door open and call a repair tech if it is beyond your ability. You have to remove the grates and the top parts of the range. Unplug the unit. Remove the main electrical control cover which should be in the center of your range and runs from the front of your range to the back. There is a small access area in the front closed with screws that you will need to open to get to the latch. Once you disconnect the latch you will be able to unlatch the door. I'd strongly suggest buying the new part BEFORE you disassemble so you can simply remove one wire at a time from the old piece and connect it to the new part.
          In either even in most cases there will be no need to disassemble or even remove the oven door. The good news is that over the last few years parts have become a lot more cost effective. I did this last year and paid about 1/3 the price I paid several years ago for the same part.
          Hope that helps!


          1. I was able to get it open. by turning on and off the clean mode the latch started to open and then close again. I was able to get the door open in the second or two the latch was open. I think this is tied to a malfunction in the cleaning system. Will need to have a tech check it out because it does not appear to be a simpel fix like replacing the latch as that still moves left and right (unlock & lock).

            thanks for all the suggestions.

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              Sorry that we couldn't be of more helpful. Best of luck.

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                The latch is the only part in your self cleaning system that can cause this malfunction. When the latches die the servo still moves the latch part way but they won't engage fully allowing the self clean cycle to start. The entire circuit in a mechanical sense only includes the control module and the latch. Either way both can be replaced very easy by a mechanically inclined owner.


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                  Just out of curiosity,,why why why would you run a self clean cycle right before you need to use the oven?