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Apr 8, 2012 06:51 AM

European Dobos Torte, where to buy a slice retail?

Hi all..want to get some for my wife and used to go to Sweet Gallery but they closed down Mt Pleasant and Eglinton location that I know..will be in that region on Monday and wanted to get a slice for my wife for her birthday..any help would be appreciated for this now panicked husband..thanks

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  1. You might need to buy the whole cake but Stubbe has it:

    1. Stubbe came to mind, too. Problem is Monday--most European bakeries are closed. The Sweet Gallery main plant/store down on Bering is worth a visit. Any chance of an IOU working?

      1. They have it at Cozy Cafe, Woodbine and Danforth (or they did last year, maybe call them first). I wasn't terribly impressed but it may just not be my thing, sometimes those old school Euro cakes are not. I do like their bread and cinnamon and poppyseed rolls so those are worth picking up as well if you go.