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Apr 8, 2012 06:01 AM

Birmingham. Lunch Tuesday

Hey Hounds.

We will be in B'ham on Tuesday and looking for lunch. I just found out yesterday and haven't had a chance to muddle through all the threads on here but I thought I'd get the ball rolling by asking where you'd take someone if you wanted to impress them. Mrs. Sippi will be with me.

Here are some guidelines.
- We aren't sure exactly what time lunch will be. I have an 11am apt. and it may take 30 mins or 1 - 2 - 3 hours. So if a places closes after lunch, please advise.

- Ethnic is out. We live in Toronto which is as ethnic as NYC. We get plenty of that stuff up there.

- We're on a bit of a budget. Maybe $30 tops for the two of us.

- I write a food blog (www.davwudsfoodcourt.blogspot.com) and am definitely looking for something blogworthy.

- Local legends and/or regional foods are highly rated by us.

- We're heading in from Huntsville so something along the way may also be in play. We wouldn't want to wait an hour if I finish at 1:30 but if I'm done by 11:30 an hour drive may work.

Thanks in advance. I'll get to looking at threads and start asking questions later today.


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  1. How about Niki's West on Finley Blvd? It's just off of 65 north of B'ham, and is a legendary meat-n-three experience.

    1. Saw's BBQ in Homewood! It's authentic southern bbq. Smoked chicken with white bbq sauce or the pulled pork with the vinegary red bbq sauce! OMG. It's fabulous. Open from lunch til 7pm.

      The Fish Market in Southside has an extensive menu and is very very good. They are open from lunch until dinner.

      1. Sorry I never really got back to this thread.

        After dealing with my BIL's crappy WiFi, Easter dinner at Macaroni Grill (don't ask), moving crap out of my FIL's house, (they're selling it. He's too old to live there) spending 6 hours in the emerg. ward at Madison Hospital (DON'T! GO! THERE!), getting 3 hours sleep, and then driving to B'Ham and getting through my meeting we decided on.....drum roll......Green Acres on 4th.
        We went to a McDonalds, grabbed a drink and got on the internet. Looked up a couple places and then started asking people about a few different ideas. A young kid told us about GA and it seemed really cool. Anyway, we both loved it. A terrific experience.

        As odd as it seems, All The Way (ketchup, hot sauce, S&P) is fabulous. I should've asked for extra since I'm a big sauce person.
        The gizzards were good but Mrs. Sippi really liked them. I'm not that big on them.
        The fried green tomatoes were great but not the best I've had.
        The wings were excellent. Great breading and taste but awesome where they were sauced.
        The fish sandwich was good. I'd probably not reorder. Word to the wise, it comes bone in but if you get a hold of the spine and lift it up, it pulls right out.
        The Pickled pigs foot. No. Mrs Sippi liked it but thought the foot itself was too small and fatty. It just tasted like crunchy vinegar.

        A couple people offered up the Purple Onion. We passed by and it was Mediterranean food. We were told that it was down town and does soul food. Can someone clear this up??
        I decided against Q and NW was highly regarded by the few people I talked to who'd heard of it.

        Thanks for the help.


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          Purple Onion - think greasy gyros for drunk college students. it's not horrible but it's far from great.