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Apr 8, 2012 04:52 AM

oh no. worked so hard on a recipe, kitchenaid stand mixer black coil goop is now in food . . .

i can't express my frustration and anger right now. oh my gosh . . i worked so hard from like at least 1 or 2 am until now (now almost 5 am) putting together a dinner roll recipe for tomorrow's easter party with our family. because the amount was so large it was filling all the way up to the top of the kitchenaid mixer, completely covering the part where the paddle fits onto the machine with that spring-like part. i kept having to push the mixture down with a spatula to keep on mixing and then i noticed some black goop and realized OMG now i have to throw this whole thing out! i cannot feed my family knowing that some black goop is in the food, . .. i am so depressed right now, dont want to ruin anyone's day just want to know if this has ever happened to anyone else and can share my pain . . omg i cant even believe this i was working for hours and it was perfect and now this . . . .

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  1. I can only imagine your frustration. Nothing to be done. This will qualify as one of those learn form your mistakes moments for you - don't overfill the mixer!! Sorry!

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      ok i feel better now .. . it's ok i am still going to throw down a chicken dumpling soup and some pizzas :) bring it on :)

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        I can't believe you're still up!! Glad you're feeling a little better about it all.

      2. Yep that happens when you make too much dough at one time. I've experienced it a few times myself but never saw any goop or threw it away.

        Do you think it was oil or is it old food would be my question? You're going to bake the biscuits anyway, so personally I would just pick out any black spots and go ahead and bake them. Especially if I was up all night making them. I know this probably sounds crazy to some people, but I figure I've eaten enough factory food that I should be immune to a little shmutz. Unless it's a giant mess. I feel your pain, believe me! Been there, done that. Hope it doesn't completely ruin your holiday.

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          no no no no way . . . i would never feed the people i love or myself food that might have been tainted with industrial machine sludge goop . . please don't ever serve other people that. if you want to suffer that is one thing but please dont ever feed people food that has been tainted with such sludge, not safe at all. i hear kitchenaid says its foodsafe but you can never be sure! take care of your body :)

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            Sorry didn't mean to add to your anxiety!