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Apr 7, 2012 09:05 PM

One night in Overland Park, KS

I will be here for a couple of days business and will be one my own for one night. Never been to KS, so I have two questions:

1) What should I eat that I cannot get in San Diego? I'm assuming this is BBQ, and is the unique food of the area but not sure. I have been to TX and had BBQ there, but I really don't know the difference between TX and KC BBQ, if any.

2) I have found the following BBQ places near my hotel: Brobecks, Gates & Sons, Jack Stack, Haywards. If BBQ is truly what I should seek out, which one is best?

I found a pretty good BBQ thread and some of these are mentioned as good spots, but what is best for the KC BBQ experience, if there is such a thing?

I have also found a KC food blog that I am checking into. Thanks!

PS, I have a car.

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  1. Just got in to Overland Park earlier than i thought, so I thought I would hit Brobecks since it was the closest to my hotel. No dice, as it appears closed Sun & Mon.

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      You might try Jack Stack. Gates may be closed because of Easter - Jack Stack is very good barbecue.

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        I went to Gates. Got the 4 boner, side of cole slaw and some fries. Total $30. This was a ton of food, I could not even come close to finishing it, but I wanted to try multiple items and I knew my hotel room had a fridge so I'll snack on it the next three days. Besides the 4 ribs, I chose beef and pork as my two other meats.

        As I give my thoughts on the food, keep in mind I've lived my whole life on the West Coast, so perhaps my Que experience doesn't give me a very good frame of reference, but here goes.

        I really liked the pork and beef. This was sliced very thin, they just put a little smattering of what must be the "classic" bbq sauce on it, so I was tasting the meat and it had a great smokey flavor. In fact, the smoke flavor was fairly intense. I ate inside, but when I got back to the hotel, I could smell the smoke on my fingers long after a few washes of the hands.

        As for the ribs, wow. What a unique taste, and I'm not sure I liked it at all. The meat was nice and tender, but I ate two ribs and they seemed so "salty" for lack of better word. There was also this gainy, gritty taste, like there was too much rub on the meat and that it hadn't soaked into the meat, but just lay on top, and that is what I was getting. I ate two ribs, and I couldn't get enough water. It was like eating a bag of pretzels or some salty chips. Is that the way it is suppose to be? Neither the pork or beef had this taste, and I've never tasted this on any other ribs I've had. Again, it wasn't a pure salt taste, but it was something different but produced the same reaction as eating something really salty.

        I tried all the sauces, but only little bits, in those little cups. I ate the meat of all types pretty much as they gave them to me on the plate. I didn't care for either the mild/sweet or the hot/spicy sauce. The classisc was ok and I think that is what they add to the plate when they give it to you.

        I really liked the cole slaw, but the fries were just ok. I thought they were a little heavy and I like a thinner fry.

        I guess there was good and bad for me. This was not the day I was going to be on my own as I said in my OP. That will be Tuesday so I will hit another place and make a comparison.

        1. re: Rocky Road

          Gates is not my favorite. I like the sauce and their fries are consistently excellent, but the barbecue doesn't measure up.

          Check out Brobecks when they're open. I they have the best ribs in KC. Burnt ends are very good as well.

          LC's burnt ends are the best of the best barbecue in KC.

          OK Joe's is excellent as well.

          The original Bryant's on Brooklyn is a must hit as well. Avoid the other locations.

          I'm not a fan of Haywards.

    2. Oklahoma Joes in Olathe.. Go!

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        Depending on where in OP the OP is staying, the original location of Oklahoma Joe's may be closer. Plus, it's the original.

        Of course, it is probably too late now.