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Apr 7, 2012 08:48 PM

Challenge: Fantastic Group Dinner Spot? Help Please!

Hi there!

I'm taking my vegetarian girlfriend (eats seafood and eggs but prefers dishes moslty without them) and about 10 or 12 other people out for a group dinner the first week in May. We will be less than 15 people most likely (all in our mid/late 20s), and it will ideally be on a Monday (which I mention only because I'm finding that many restaurants are not open on Monday!)...

Basic criteria:
- Around (hopefully less than) $100/p after wine and gratuity
- group dining menu (as opposed to all ordering individually)
- vegetarian friendly, simple, and delicious (I've had my eye on both Suenos and Zi'Pep; the former isn't open on Mondays and the latter doesn't have a group dining menu... I've also looked at Co, the pizza place in Chelsea, but they have very strange timing restrictions)

- churros on the dessert menu
- fun or otherwise unusually cool atmosphere (not necessarily upscale)

Any ideas?! I'd be extremely grateful for any help!

Thanks hounds!!!

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  1. Maybe Supper Restaurant on 2nd and Av. A, but that's just the first place that came to my mind. I just want to suggest that with that large a group, a restaurant might be happy to put together a menu for your group; just ask.

    1. You can try Mercadito (there are few different locations) they have a number of group dining menus and some vegetarian options...there are no churros but there are other interesting mexican desserts plus it certainly won't run you nearly $100pp even if you all did the open bar option.

      Another great place is's italian...they have a lot of great options, an amazing wine list and have group dining options as well!

      1. Im not 100% certain that there arent restrictive timings (but I think on weekdays you should be ok) but to meet a lot of your other requirements, consider giving Roberta's in Brooklyn a call. They have group dinner options that allow you to reserve space, are generally really nice and flexible about arrangements and would be a good choice if your group isnt averse to taking the L train out of the city a few stops.

        1. Thanks to all replies so far! Mercadito looks perfect for cuisine and price. I've been there once a year or so back, and I remember the portions and the space were both teeny tiny! I will call to make sure they could fit my group, but that might be the winner!

          Supper also looks great. I reached out to them to check out their group menu.

          Thanks again everyone!

          P.S. Roberta's looks delish but I think we need more than their menu has, and we'd also like to stay in Manhattan... sorry forgot that on the list!