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Apr 7, 2012 07:25 PM

South St Burgers Beacon HIll

Just saw that this place had opened. They are apart from the other food spots. Not sure if that will harm them in the long run.

They have a big selection of toppings. I had blue cheese and mango chutney (I know, I know, don't judge). The staff all seem new and are a bit slow when preparing the burgers. It was almost painful watching the one fellow as he got blue cheese in the chutney conyainer and gave me the most minimal smear of chutney I have ever seen. The 2nd fellow noticed when he was putting the patty on the bun and asked me if I wanted more chutney. Good catch on his part. The burger was ok not that I could taste the meat much with those toppings. My husband said his was ok.

We both ordered small not knowing how large they would be. They're pretty small. They advertise that the fries are NY Fries and they do seem similar. We shared one small order of fries, had 2 quite small burgers and drinks for $14.

I'm going to join Scary Bill in the penalty box and say that McD's is better and cheaper even if they don't have blue cheese.

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  1. I had to look up the address: 11838 Sarcee Trail NW. For those of us in the south, it's not much closer than the one in Crossiron Mills. :)

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      If you're using Deerfoot then Crossiron is closer. Does your experience at that one differ any?

      1. re: sharonanne

        I actually haven't been to either yet. I wanted to try the one at CrossIron but wasn't interested in a 30 minute drive for a burger. I haven't read anything encouraging here on Chowhound, but I did read a magazine article praising one of the Toronto locations.

    2. I hate people who reply to their own posts, don't you?

      My husband picked up burgers from South St last night (it's close to the gym). Not much improvement. We had regular sized burgers, a better size but still over $16 for 2 burgers, 1 medium fries and no drinks.

      With only basics on my burger I could taste the meat but still none of the 'backyard BBQ' that they advertise. I found the meat was a bit tough, no crust. One positive is that you can get whole wheat buns and they are more sturdy.

      1. I haven't been to the Beacon Hill location, but the one at crossiron seems a bit better from what i can tell.

        The one at crossiron is quicker, probably because they've gotten into the groove of things by now. And theres always a full dinning room.

        Many of my friends who have eaten there had no complaints, and like the burgers very much.
        I as well have had no bad experiences at that location.
        And I must say, this is way better than McD's. =)

        1. They are definitely supposed to be NY Fries - it's the same company.

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            My husband thought they looked different but we're not exactly NY Fries experts.

          2. I figure if you're in the area and craving something a bit different (beacon hill OR crossiron), then give them a shot. But I wouldn't go out of my way. They're nothing special.